GOOD NEWS: New Thrilling Teaser K-drama Mouse, Release Date
GOOD NEWS: New Thrilling Teaser K-drama Mouse, Release Date

Lee Seung Gi’s eagerly awaited spine chiller, Mouse, has dropped another mystery. In contrast to the past secret, we had the chance to see a ton about the upcoming show. The new mystery likewise presents extra characters of the show. We offer Teaser Kdrama Mouse for you.

Kdrama Mouse

The new show Mouse is undoubtedly the change, Kdrama fans were searching for. What’s more, the new secret will, without a doubt creep you out. Along these lines, try to look at it. Additionally, get more subtleties on the forthcoming show.

“Mouse” is a secret thrill ride that will permit recognizing sociopaths through a DNA trial on the belly of a mother. Fascinating. It is a sensational story that asks its watchers, “Imagine a scenario where we could distinguish mental cases ahead of time.


Forthcoming Kdrama Mouse – New Teaser

The new trailer starts with a beam of light blazing in life with a secretive man. Choi Hyung Joo (Kyung Soo Jin), Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), and Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) at that point show up on the screen with apprehension composed on their countenances.

All through the trailer, the entertainers had a unique look on their profiles as they feel alarmed by the obscure element. The trailer follows with blood, evening assaults, battling pursuits, and ultimately, a shout by Oh Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun). We are as yet befuddled.

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Mouse: Release Date And Cast

“Mouse” will make a big appearance on March 3, 2024. The new Wednesday-Thursday Kdrama is unique. In any case, individuals living external the South Korean district don’t have to stress. They can stream the show online to streaming locales, for example, Dramacool, Rakuten Viki, and Kiss Asian.

Kdrama Mouse

The show stars Lee Seung Gi (Vegabond), Lee Hee Joon (Legend of the Blue Sea), Park Joo Hyun (zombie Detective), and Kyung Soo Jin (Weighlifting pixie Kim Book Joo) in the number one spot jobs.

Lee Seung Gi is playing Jung Ba Reum, a remarkable tenderfoot cop. Jung Ba Reum pays attention to his duty and is somebody who loves equity and moral nature. Lee Hee Joon is playing Go Moo Chi.

The cast of the impending show, Mouse (2024)

Concerning the women, Park Joo Hyun, who is playing Oh Bong Yi, is a talented military craftsman. What’s more, Kyung Soo Jin will play Choi Hoon Jung. She is a skilled chief who was engaged with a chronic executioner in her youth.

Ahn Jae Wook (as Han Seo Jun), Kim Jung Nan (as Sung Ji Eun), Pyo Ji Hoon (as Detective Shin), Woo Ji Hyun (as Dong Goo), Kim Young Ok (as Grandma who lives with Bong Yi), Jo Jae Yoon (as Daniel Lee), and Kim Kang Hoon (as Jae Hoon) will likewise show up in the show. Thanks for reading GOOD NEWS: New Thrilling Teaser K-drama Mouse, Release Date.