When choosing the interior design of hub Singapore, you not only have to arrange the items to suit the living needs of the family but also ensure the aesthetics of the whole apartment. HDB apartments have a common structure. However, you can refresh them and add a unique personality to your living space with HDB interior design Singapore ideas below.


About HDB Flats


In Singapore, the houses in the Southeast region, mainly built in the 60s and early 70s, have deteriorated quite seriously. Many homes need not only an upgrade, but a complete remodel of most of the interior. The new HDB flats also need to change the interior design style to better suit those family members.

Many homes need not only an upgrade, but a complete remodel of most of the interior.

In today’s modern society, there are many houses designed with a unique interior design style. The highlight of these interior design styles is the subtlety of mixing and matching details. They add elegance, comfort, and luxury to your home. Highlights of which are stylish interior designs aimed at Singaporeans, also known as Singaporean design.

How to decorate HDB interior design Singapore properly?


Here are a few of our tips to optimize the interior design of HDB Singapore flats.

Prioritize modern interior design style

Singapore’s design is a style with a bit of a modern design direction. They often prioritize lines with a bit of soft, neutral tones. Sometimes they are also very prominent in their distinctive strong colors.

In the overall design of a Singapore Design-inspired space, designers will embellish a few unique details to bring back the owner’s impression.

Singapore’s design is a style with a bit of a modern design direction

Bright colors

The colors of this Singaporean design style are usually quite bright and unique. It brings an extremely strong contrast effect throughout the entire space. Interior designers often use reflective accents, with light colors of metal, glass, and mirrors. They bring “high-tech” to the entire Singapore HDB interior space.

Open spaces and plants

Singapore is an island nation world famous for its greenness and cleanliness. Therefore, every Singapore-style interior design prioritizes an open space, especially the green factor is always put on top.

The commonly used material in Singapore Design is wood. This type of material plays a dominant role in the home. The spaces are separated by glass panels and mirrors. It makes you feel a lot more open space. In addition, the modern Singaporean interior design style also prioritizes the use of recycled materials, which can be good for the environment.

The commonly used material in Singapore Design is wood.

HDB interior design Singapore for a three-room apartment


Previously, 3-room apartments had an area of 60 m2 and since the 2000s, it has been raised to the standard 65 m2. There are also 4-5 room apartments with an area of over 100 m2. Meanwhile, the one-bedroom studios have an area of 33 square meters. We will give you a little advice when designing the interior of each room for HDB flats. If you’re looking for inspirations for your HDB interior design in Singapore, Swiss Interior has a wide selection of designs for you to browse. From 3-room HDB designs to Maisonette HDB designs, check out Swiss Interior today.

Living room

The living room of HDB flats has an area of about 20-30 square meters. If you use an open design, make the most of natural light. It will help your flat become much airier. The interior details and household items are simplified but they are not monotonous but extremely delicate. The warm yellow color makes all family members feel happier when living here.

The modern interior design style is especially for those who lead an active, modern lifestyle. It is towards an open and airy space with simple and neatly designed furniture.

Besides, you can refer to the interior design of the HDB living room in neoclassical style. It is a combination of modern and classic without being too fussy or extravagant. The layout is minimalist, the color scheme is simpler, and the space is delicate but still exudes elegance.

Create accents with simple decorative patterns on the ceiling, and walls, or use chandeliers with warm tones.


A bedroom is a place for you to rest after a long tiring day at work. We suggest that you use warm colors to create a feeling of relaxation. Equipment and furniture such as desks, bedside tables, TV shelves, or decorative lights are arranged in a very harmonious manner to avoid clutter. If you can lie on the soft bed and relax in this space, it will surely make you feel as relaxed as possible.

A bedroom is a place for you to rest after a long tiring day at work.

Beds, wardrobes, and shelves are indispensable items in every bedroom. Besides, depending on the requirements of each user, you can arrange more desks, pianos, and pictures and combine them with other items.

Kitchen in HDB flats

For a modern apartment, the dining table and bar are designed with a beautifully modern space. This is a popular apartment house interior. It helps to make the house space spacious and friendly. Especially for flats with small spaces, this design is extremely suitable.

As introduced above, Singapore’s Design style is very focused on expanding the space as much as possible. You can put potted plants in your house. Balcony and kitchen pedestals are such places that you should have plants.

Balcony and kitchen pedestals are such places that you should have plants.

Properly arranged bonsai pots are a place to help homeowners relieve stress. water the plants and enjoy the view. Finally, there is the bathroom. Dark tones create a luxurious and extremely sophisticated look. It creates sympathy for the viewer at first sight.

Final thoughts


The area of HDB apartments is usually quite modest. Therefore, the modern interior design style with the simplicity and efficiency of the furniture is the first choice for you.

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