Horimiya: The Manga

The shonen romance anime Horimiya finale is finally here! We had the marriage proposal in the previous episode. But now, we were not ready for this finale episode! I’m sure most of you guys agree with me as they are graduating.

Horimiya anime solidified itself right at the top as one of the best rom-com animes. In this article, you will get the synopsis of the final episode as well as the previous ones.


A Quick Recap on Episode 12!

Yuki discovers that Tooru’s family is quite rich and that she is embarrassed that their social status is suddenly recognized. Christmas is just around the corner and Kyoko asks Izumi to bake a cake for her family. Then Kyoko gladly accepts Izumi’s request.

However, she politely refuses to spend Christmas with the Hori family. She refuses as she was previously engaged to the horror of Scout, Kyousuke, and Yuriko. Yuki quickly realizes that Tooru and Ishikawa’s relationship is very similar to that of their two brothers. When Yuki & Tooru spend their time playing a video game, Tooru decided he likes what is between them now.

After speaking to her mother, Kyoko suddenly remembers that she is about to graduate from high school. She also worries about the future of her relationship with Izumi.

At Christmas time, she expresses concern about wanting to continue their relationship. After a few quiet moments of being just watched, Izumi says they should get married. To which promoted Kyoko responds by saying that it would make him happy.

Kyoko responding to Izumi's marriage proposal

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Horimiya Episode 13: Synopsis

Since Izumi’s shadow holds all he has been trying to bury from his past, and graduation is about closing a chapter. He finally faces his last self. In the meeting of who he is versus who he was, there is a consideration of how fate brought him into Kyoko.

And with facing his past and embracing his future, it seems Izumi may have not only healed from what has happened. Also, he has forgiven himself for prolonging the life he currently loves and enjoys.

Graduation Day

With graduation coming upon everyone, it freaks out some. Remi worries Sakura will be done with her, while Yanagi wants one last hoorah. Yuki is afraid of the changes coming about, and nearly everyone has something they are going through. But with promises to hang out, and more, those more fearful of losing their peer find themselves placated.

Izumi & Kyoko

From Horimiya Episode 13

While everyone is worried about remaining connected and making plans, this doesn’t include Kyoko and Izumi. He is pretty much part of the family now, and while we still don’t get to see Izumi’s family interact with Kyoko. We can assume it goes both ways.

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Where to Watch?

In Japan, the show is available on various platforms. However, if you are an international user, we’d recommend you to watch on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu platforms. These are some good sites with pretty good subtitles for a better experience.

Horimiya: The Manga

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is a Japanese shonen web manga series, written and illustrated by HERO. It was released in February 2007 on HERO’s website Dokkai Ahen in a four-panel format.


Square Enix compiled the chapters in 10 volumes under its imprint Gangan Comics. The volumes released between October 22, 2008, and December 28, 2011. Additional side-story chapters were, compiled as Hori-san to Miyamura-Kun Omake in 10 volumes. And, the volumes were released between July 21, 2012, and August 26, 2017. Its imprint is done under Gangan Comics Online.

It was adapted into an original video animation series. Daisuke Hagiawara adapted the manga with newly redrawn art titled Horimiya. It has been serialized since 2011 in Monthly G Fantasy. It is published in English by Yen Press.

About the Anime

Horimiya is about Kyoko, a high school student. She is known to everyone in school as smart, pretty, and popular. Her classmate Izumi, on the other hand, is shy and very reserved. But when the two meet one day, they are amazed: Suddenly a pierced Izumi in punk clothes stands in front of an unstyled Kyoko!

Are the two teenagers, who usually seem so different to their classmates, maybe not so dissimilar after all?