Hortensia Saga also knows as Ao no Kishidan, is among the other anime that made its debut in the winter 2023 anime season. After some delays, the anime is finally out now. Based on the video game of the same name. Hortensia Saga is a free to play Japanese role-playing game, developed and published by f4Samurai and Sega.

The announcement for The adaptation came in December 2019 and released on Thursday, 07 January 2023. The anime will have 12 episodes. Produced by Linden Films studios and directed by Yusuto Nishikata. While the Story is written by  Rinatarou Ikeda, and music by Takayuki Onoda.

Hortensia Saga

Listen to the Opening & Ending song here: Leader by My First Story: Opening Song & Yaso To Hakuchumu by Mafumafu: Ending song


Release Dates:

Hortensia Saga Episode 1 premiered on Thursday, 07th January 2023, while Episode 2 on 14th January 2023 and Episode 3 on 21st January 2023. Note that new episodes air on Thursday of every week.

Where to Watch:

Hortensia Saga is Currently available on Funimation with original Japanese audio and English subtitles and on AnimeLab. 

About: Hortensia Saga

Set in the medieval era, Hortensia Saga follows the narrative of war and chaos. The story begins, when the king is accused and the leader of Camellia kills him. By transforming into a wolf, and with his army takes over Hortensia.

In order to rebuilt as their own. But here’s a twist, the heir to the throne, Princess returns to save her homeland. She takes the appearance of a man and returns with her loyal group. And from here their adventures began. The anime falls under the genre of Action, Adventure, fantasy, and magic.

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