If you notice that there is something wrong in your relationship and there are some clear signs that your partner is suddenly colder and less interested in spending time with you, it is natural for everyone to suspect that the reason for that might be cheating. However, starting an argument right away and accusing someone is not the right approach. First of all, maybe you were wrong, and there are some other issues that were bothering your partner, and now you added another problem.

On the other side, if you don’t find the right way to discover that, your partner might be able to hide it, and become even better at hiding it for a longer time. There are some proven methods that you can use to check whether he is loyal to you. For example, you can check the application list for the best cheating apps for iPhone. There are some other methods as well, and we are going to introduce them to you in the following article.


Main Features of Spy App

You can never be sure whether you are right about your doubts about his loyalty, and the best way is to always find out before starting an argument. In that matter, if you are in a serious relationship where you are sharing everything, chances are great that you can have an access to your partner’s phone. Cheaters are using all sorts of tricks to not get caught, like naming people they are dating in secret under fake names, using additional SIM cards, and more.

Therefore, even if you unlock the phone and look through it, you won’t be able to find anything if they are trying to hide it properly. On the other side, there is an excellent solution to that, which is to install the special app on the device of your partner. The best thing about it is that they won’t even know since it will be running anonymously in the background without any notifications. Once you install it, you will get a lot of data about the activity of that device, such as locations, a list of contacts they were calling and texting, and copies of those messages.

Another even better advantage is that you can also check various apps on the device, like social networks or dating apps if your partner is using them. The main benefit is that you can avoid conflict and not deal with arguing over suspicious loyalty. If you are right, you can simply break up. On the other side, if you were wrong, you can simply delete the app and not let him know that it was even installed on that particular device.

How To Install It?

This might be the most challenging part of the process, and it depends on your relations and whether you are sharing passwords for devices. If that is the case, you can simply do this when your partner is using the bathroom. On the other side, if you don’t know the password, you will need some additional tricks. For example, waiting for him to leave the phone unlocked.

There are also some versions for iPhone where you can install this app on a PC, and get all information you need through iTunes installed on the desktop device. When you decide what method to use, the process of installation is quite simple. There are different plans that you can choose. The best method for installing it on a device where you don’t have access is to use iCloud on a PC. That will help you gather all data in the same way as when you have a phone in your hands.

Signs That Your Partner Might Be Cheating

This is a very important thing to know since that will help you determine whether it is a good idea to start using any of these methods. As we already mentioned, starting a conflict without any proof is the biggest mistake you can make because it will either ruin your relationship or make your partner become more cautious and hide his activities better.

Some clear signs should make you feel suspicious. For example, if you had a password for the device, but it is now changed. Cheaters will use all kinds of explanations for that, but if he insists on not giving you the new password, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong. On the other hand, if you never had practiced sharing codes between you, and you suddenly want it, be sure to choose the right approach for that and focus on the reaction of your partner.

In case you have access, check the list of messages and contacts and try to find some details to notice whether there were deleted lists of messages. Some people will simply delete everything from their call log or SMS history. Moreover, if you notice a lot of unknown numbers and people named with weird nicknames that is also a reason for further research.

Furthermore, be sure to check the social platforms since those are the places where cheaters are usually finding potential dates. If you want to start more advanced research, you can even try creating a fake profile and contact your partner. If he is interested in conversation, that is already a reason to worry about his loyalty. In the end, if he decides to meet with your fake profile, this is a clear sign that you should break up. You can try this with dating apps as well.

Last Words

Keep in mind that cheaters are using all kinds of tricks to not get discovered and that it can be exciting for them once they start doing it. It is crucial to find these signs on time so you can know whether your partner is loyal. There were cases where people only wanted to have some fun, but there is usually a point when they go to another level and start meeting other people in secret.