Japanese Prime Minister Fumio and his Contribution to Anime

Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, revealed himself to be a Demon Slayer fan and pledged to support manga and anime during his term. His Contribution to Anime is increasing.


Japanese Ex-Prime Minister and his Contribution to Anime

Not only the current prime minister, but Japanese politicians are increasingly referring to manga and anime in one way or another. Sometimes it’s to express their political stance, and sometimes it’s just a popularity contest.

Either way, the influence of manga, anime, and video games is growing like never before in Japan, to the point where politicians can no longer ignore it.

Isn’t this just more about newer generations of politicians growing up with this media when they were younger?

He is 64 years old now so in the 80’s he was in his 20’s. There is a chance he was into manga and anime back then. Some of the older politicians probably not so.

You see this in many other places around the world. In the US, Europe, etc. you start getting new younger politicians that grew up with video games and so on. It’s just more of a generational shift I think.

Japanese Prime Minister explains the politicians’ increasing familiarity with the topic. Free popularity points, soft power aspect, etc. Some things explain why it makes sense for a politician to bring these topics up or form a favorable stance on them.

It’s not “more about” one thing or the other. You two are just reasoning for slightly different things.

Prime Minister’s Favourite Manga

It is said that a former Japanese prime minister was a big fan of manga. Taro Aso

“Asō has been a fan of the manga since childhood. He had his family send manga magazines from Japan while he was studying at Stanford University. In 2003, he described reading about 10 or 20 manga magazines every week.  He talked about his impression of various manga extemporaneously. In 2007, as Minister for Foreign Affairs, he established the International Manga Award for non-Japanese manga artists.

It was reported that he was seen reading the manga Rozen Maiden in Tokyo International Airport, which earned him the sobriquet “His Excellency Rozen”. He admitted in an interview that he had read the manga. He is a fan of Golgo 13, a long-running manga about an assassin for hire.

Japan’s former foreign minister Fumio Kishida recently won the race to head Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Kishida recently revealed that he is an enthusiastic Demon slayer fan and promised to support manga and anime creators.

Kishida, who often uses the kishidaBOX hashtag on social media to engage with supporters, recently revealed that he is an anime fan. When asked if he saw the Demon Slayer film, Kishida stated that he hadn’t seen the film, but that he read the entire manga and that his favorite character is Akaza. Japanese Prime Minister and his Contribution to Anime. He later stated that he is (translated from Japanese) “working on raising the income of the people involved in Japan’s ‘soft power’ industries like manga, anime, and movies.”

Anime Contribution To the Japanese Economy

  • So it’s about 0.4% of the total Japanese economy.
  • You see there is a lot of competition in Japan. So even something that seems big, won’t make up a giant portion of the economy.
  • Automobile sales for example make up nearly 10% of Japan’s economy (possibly Japan’s most important).
  • Japan’s video game industry makes up around 3–4% of its economy (because of all the Sony, Nintendo exports and Japanese video game exports).
  • Japan’s tech industry (excluding games), makes up around 6–7% of its economy.
  • Japanese movie industry (excluding anime) is around 0.15% of the total economy.
  • The Japanese music industry is around 0.055% of the total economy.
  • 4–5% is simply food, like packets of food in Japanese stores (while the unit price is small, people eat all the time so it adds up constantly).
  • The Japanese real estate industry is responsible for 7% of the economy.
  • As you can see a lot of things that make up larger percentages, are things that are not so much commonly thought about. 

    As foreign fans of Japan, the things you come across mostly are anime, Japanese video games, Japanese music, etc. However despite these all being large even when compared to other countries.