Vermouth being a joker god of destruction maybe plotting something insane!

Last week “Dragon Ball Super” producers had released the preview for special episode 109 which had left fans buzzing.

In the preview there is much amazing stuff which has been showed like spirit bomb, Goku getting crushed by Jiren, Kaio-Ken x20, and one more interesting thing- Jiren in purple borderline showed with Vermouth (God Of Destruction U11) which looks like Vermouth is in his mind which took my interest on it, as if he can contact with him anytime he wants through telepathy.

I always wonder why Jiren looks so emotionless and then this scene got me thinking that Jiren is actually nothing but just a puppet who is actually is controlled by Vermouth from the stage (God Of Destruction U11).

Also, it reveals the fact why Vermouth has chosen Toppo as next God Of Destruction as revealed in the manga and not Jiren, despite Toppo being weaker than Jiren. It also explains why they are so confident even being having three members left.

Yet there are many other possibilities but in my opinion, this theory really looks legit to me!

His source of such tremendous energy :

There are possibilities that using his Godly powers Jiren can beat Goku given by Vermouth to him , Vermouth somehow has already transferred his Ki to Jiren in some form and also by telepathy, he is communicating with him,  or it may be a specialty of Jiren ‘s kind which makes him the most powerful warrior in tournament currently . Also by guiding Jiren to fight in the tournament with skills same as a God Of Destruction, this reveals the truth that why he is so overpowered.

Also it explains one more thing about his emotionless look. Being a puppet of G.O.D. there is nothing additional that he can do himself except waiting for orders from him and standing straight and stubborn without any expressions.


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