Dragon Ball Super Jiren a threat to Goku

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods

Jiren: A threat to Goku | Official Introduction in Dragon Ball Super. 

Jiren a threat to Goku? The official announcement of Jiren in Dragon Ball Super, he is the best and the strongest fighter fron Universe 11 and the srown friend of topo, perhaps is the only one who can give any compitetion to son goku. we got to see his first look in the preview of episode 85 and we could really relate his training style to Piccolo. So he is strong and smart. Not a very pleasing new for people of Universe 7.

How strong is Jiren exactly? When it comes to power level comparation we could take ssj god goku for gold standard. Toppo was almost at par with Goku and by what topo says jirin could easily beat Goku,  if goku was to be only as powerful as Toppo.

Jiren a threat to goku

So can we say the only one who threats Goku is Jiren. Well again the battle royal is not the bout of power but also of wit as killing people is not an option.

Jiren is a character we know very less about but from what we do he is immensely strong and from the preview we got he is most likely to follow the techniques of the piccolo for improvising on his strength.

Piccolo who is known for his strategies in the battle ground. Goku is not someone who is good with his strategies and as  a matter of fact till the last episode he was in the illusion that he could just will the battle by his god ki.

dragon ball super episode 84 english sub

The red aura shows his energy level is higher than or atleast equal to few gods. and so is said by many gods themselves. Toppo was said to be next in line for God of Destruction in Universe 11. Now if Gods of Destruction are taken in on the basis of power level, Jiren either is not interested in the position of gods or is aiming for a bigger deal than that.

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