What’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is really about?

So if you were not living under a rock until now then you must have heard or at least would have seen a meme about Jojo. You may ask yourself what in the world is it really about and why it has such a crazy and passionate fan base? As Several trending memes were made from the scenes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I use to think that too and I thought this year nothing could surprise me so I dived into the world of Jojo, the world of aggressive poses, the world of Japanese words appearing out of thin air, and the world or you can say “ZA WARDO” of aggressive poses and Japanese words appearing out of thin air. (you will get that reference later)

Jojo’s is such an influential series that it had equal if not more part in making the shonen genre shonen than DBZ. It’s a series that started in 1987 almost 30 years ago and is still going strong and evolving with time and you can actually observe this difference of writing style from part 1 to part 5 of anime and many more to come. The story is unique, OPs are bangers, Eds are funky characters are lovable, what more do you want?

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get right into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure | Parts

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the lives of the member of the Jostar bloodline like assassin creeds but more buff. Every part has its own Jojo and its own story to revolve around and it gets even more bizarre than the previous.

Part 1 is really a classic vampire story set in England and most people prefer it to skip it as it has nothing out of the box going on, our protagonist is bland but I recommend you to watch it as its just 9 episodes, and it’s better to go through it to get the full feel.

Part 2 is the part where you see the changes in the characters and writing as we get an unconventional and savage Jojo who will 1st break your ego then your bones and it’s such a far cry from our 1st Jojo who was a gentleman while the new one straight-up bullshit his way to  victory that is so fun to watch this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Part 3 will take you all over the world to kill a specific vampire hiding in Egypt and introduces us to “Stands” that are basically like Pokemons if people had only one Pokemon each and killing was allowed. The stands have been the most popular aspect of Jojo’s only 2nd to the characters itself and lets me tell you after watching part 3 you will see how well written side characters should be. It gets formulated but it’s still worth watching for all the fight scenes like a chess game where each piece has a really specific ability and I mean way too specific .

Part 4 gets a slice of life-ish until we are introduced to a serial killer named Kira (no-not that, the other one.) And the bizarre levels start rising up to super ridiculous batshit crazy.

There are so many characters to talk about it would be really fun to get them to know them on your own and a quick side note doesn’t get attached to animals especially dogs.

I haven’t completed part 5 yet but I know it’s about gangsters in Italy so that’s that. The best or weirdest part of Jojo is that you won’t have realized all these parts are of the same franchise if I haven’t explicitly said so.

2020 is close to its end make sure you end it on a Bizarre note (saw what I did there?), so do watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Also, check about the latest One Piece Chapter 994.

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