Jujutsu Kaisen event JujuFes 2024 to be held on June 13
Jujutsu Kaisen event JujuFes 2024 to be held on June 13

For all Jujutsu Kaisen lover all around the world, who wants an opportunity to come together and celebrate The Mappa’s Studio great success of this anime adaptation. Now you can accomplish your wish as there will be a special event is going to held on June 13, 2024, for Jujutsu Kaisen. In this article, we will be talking about the Jujutsu Kaisen event which will be going to held in June.

The official Twitter account of Jujutsu Kaisen revealed last week that they are going to organizing a JujuFes 2024 for Jujutsu Kaisen which will be held on June 13 of this year at Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Centre Lila in Saitama.


Jujutsu Kaisen event

As the date of the JujuFes 2024, the Jujutsu Kaisen event is officially announced. Fans can enjoy it as they want, in person or digitally too. The whole event can be streamed online and in-person also but in person is only for a limited number of people. Those are wishing to attend the event in person have to buy the first Blue-Ray volume addition of the series by paying 7480 Yen. And who will be declared as the winner who can attend the JujFes 2024 in person? The rest of the mortal has to watch it digitally.

In this event, all the voice actors of Jujutsu Kaisen will be gathered on a single platform. We might get some big announcement in this event related to favorite series. Here’s the list of character with their voice actors:

  • Junya Enoki(Yuji Itadori)
  • Yuuma Uchida(Megumi)
  • Asami Seto(Nobara)
  • Mikako Komatsu(Maki)
  • Kouki Uchiyama(Inumaki)
  • Tomokazu Seki(Panda)
  • Yuuichi Nakamura(Satoru Gojo)

Above mentioned voice actors will be there in Jujufes 2024 for giving love to their beloved fans. For more JujuFes 2024 event news you go to the event’s official site and can buy your First Blue-Ray volume in order to attend the event. The tickets will be available from April 1, 2024.

Little Overview of Jujutsu

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen

Here’s a total overview of Jujutsu Kaisen as you can have an idea of what the Jujutsu Kaisan event is all about. A Mappa’s Studio produced anime created by Gege Akutami “Jujutsu Kaisen” gained a massively positive response from the audience. Mappa did great work in the animation of the series. The detailing, the storyline, the action scene all are created with perfection.

The story of Jujutsu Kaisen centered around the main protagonist Yuji Itadori. He is just a high school student who eats a finger of the king of curses to protect his friend and gained and became the host to the Sukuna, Sukuna is known as the king of the curses. While fighting with an evil curse with Megumi Yuki eats the Saukuna finger to protect the Megumi. Megumi terrified by seeing Yuji eating Sukuna’s finger but in some moments Yuji able to get control of his body again without destroying anything.

Later, Yuji Itadori joined a secret organization of Jujutsu Sorcerer. Due to Sakuna’s nature, only Yuji can kill him with himself so he continued with the Sorcerer organization.

Yuji used to live with his grandfather who was hospitalized and passed away at the starting of anime. When his grandfather died he left some words for Itadori that “Always help people”.

Fans are a little upset as the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen is done with its last episode and have to wait now for next season. You can watch the Jujutsu series on Crunchyroll for free. You will have a great experience on Crunchyroll rather than on any other platform. And if you are a manga lover, you can visit VIZ for reading it.

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New Movie 

With the great announcement of the Jujutsu Kaisen Event, we also have another good news for Jujutsu lovers. After the ending of season 1 Mappa’s studio released a teaser trailer for the new movie of Jujutsu kaisen. They are all set to release their first movie in near winter. The official Twitter account of Jujutsu kaisen confirm this in their tweet

Well, the reader gives us only 30 seconds to tease our favorite character and the detailing is also short, we haven’t noticed something major in the trailer.

The movie will be based on a manga prequel to the story. And the storyline will revolve around the backstory of our favorite characters like Panda, Gojo. This movie will break out all the secrets about the most powerful sorcerer in the world and how he became most popular in Jujutsu High.