The story of Kaiju #8, also known as Monster #8 is entertaining and well-written. With comic twists, it offers a clear and well-paced storyline. Overall, a fantastic manga for anyone who enjoys a protagonist with special skills. Kaiju #8 Chapter 54 is coming out next week. Here is everything on Monster #8 Chapter 54.

read this article till the end to know everything that is to know about Monster #8 Chapter 54.

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Kaiju #8 Chapter 54:

Release Date:

Kaiju #8 Chapter 54 is coming out on 6th January 2024. This is a weekly manga. So fans can expect a new chapter every Thursday. If there will be any changes, we will update this article so that you never miss any chapter of Kaiju #8.

Where to Read:

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Manga Plus.

Monster #8 Chapter 54

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Kaiju #8 Chapter 54: Spoilers

Usually, the Raw Scans and spoilers come before 2-3 days before the release. All we can do now is speculate based on the previous chapter. As soon as any spoilers surface we will bring that for you. So, keep this article bookmarked to save yourself some time.

Monster #8 Chapter 53: Recap

In chapter 53 the strongest monster is born. Kaiju & captain Narumi is working side by side to defeat kaiju #9. But they are overpowered. As the monster is about to leave, they land an attack. And Narumi charges towards him, injuring him seriously.

Due to the fusion being not stable, Kaiju #9 is not able to harden his skin. And he realizes that the main threat here is Kaiju #8. On the other hand, Kiju #8 is furious as to the fact that this is just unfair to the general. And vows to not let Kaiju #9 escape.

Kaiju #8 Chapter 54 Manga

Kaiju #9 attempts a bigger attack but it’s not powerful enough to push Kaiju#8 and Narumi back. After its futile attempt, he adopts another strategy i.e. Going after other people on the battlefield. Knowing that both Narumi and Kaiju #8 will go after them to save them. Making a way for Kaiju #9 to escape.

Before escaping Kaiju #9 declares war against humanity and vows that they will meet again when the monster of the era starts.