Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 Release Date, Kafka's Decision!!
Kaiju No.8 Chapter 29 Release Date, Kafka's Decision!!

Reno asserts dominance by slashing kaijus left and right. But things take a turn when a different class kaiju enters the battle. Although the kaijus were on the upper hand, the officers had their vice-captain to protect them. Now Vice-captain Hoshina is on the training ground and upgrades to 92 percent combat power. He vows to go all out as he won’t have any officers interfere. In this blog, we will update you on Kaiju No.8 Chapter 27 Release Date, Hoshina Goes All Out!!


Is the latest Chapter of Kaiju No.8 on Delay?

There is no news regarding the delay of Kaiju No.8 Chapter 27 so far. It is safe to say that the latest chapter will follow its regular schedule. For more updates on the latest anime/manga release dates, visit Omnitos.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 27 Release Date

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 27 Release Date is projected to be 25th February 2023. The next chapter will feature vice-captain Hoshina go all out and show his team how to dominate the battlefield. This release date might be subjected to change in the future. Due to the previous chapter being only a special illustration, there might be an early release this time. To know more about such delays and updates make sure to subscribe to Omnitos.

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 27 Spoilers!!

Spoilers and leaks of the latest chapter contain raw scans of the pages and are either incomplete or not translated. But it will help you grasp the just of the story. Spoilers for Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 27 are not out yet. But you needn’t worry, we will make sure to add the leaks and spoilers to the article, as soon as they’re out.


What Is Kaiju No. 8 Manga About?

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 25

Kafka is an unhappy candidate at the JDF which specializes in fighting Kaijus. He aims to become better and climb up the ranks so that he can finally live his dream. One day due to an unusual event he gains a supernatural power that gets him closer to his dream than before.

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