Kengan Omega Chapter 137

Kengan Omega Chapter 137 reveals the ultimate fight between the very best- Ohma and Lolong. Both of them are fighting at their wit’s end and trying to finish the other.

The latest chapter will be the third part of the fight between Ohma and Lolong, where Lolong tries to defeat Ohma once and for all. The match is going at an exciting pace. How will it end? Who will be the winner of this deathly duel? C’mon, let’s have a quick look at the details.


Kengan Omega Chapter 137 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 137

Lolong wants to finish this fight. Ohma keeps on stalling and stopping his attacks. But. for how long will he be able to keep off Lolong? Fans are eager to know since they have read Chapter 114.

But, thankfully, the wait is over. Kengan Omega Chapter 115 comes out on December 1st, 2024. Readers get updated with the latest chapter every week. It is the same for this week too, for there will be no delay.

Kengan Omega Chapter 137: Discussion

As we stated before, this chapter will the third instalment of the grand fight where both of the duelers are fighting for their lives. The fight is going at its high, and soon we will know who is the winner.

Ohma makes strategic planning and uses his Advance accordingly. Lolong manages to counterattack and performs beyond expectations. How will Lolong defeat Ohma? What will be the ultimate blow? How will Ohma perform after using his Advance entirely?

We will be handed the result of everything in the latest chapter of Kengan Omega. Both of them are beats, but Ohma seems to have no techniques left in his hand for use. Will Lolong take advantage of that? The chapter is not too far away!

Kengan Omega: Where to Read Online?

Kengan Omega is serially published in the Ura Sunday magazine, but that is the Japanese version. You can get your hands on a lot of sites like Mangadex from which you can read the manga.

However, a lot of these sites are unofficial and we advise you to stay away from those. You can even read the Kengan Omega Chapter 137 on Kodansha Comics and Amazon Kindle as well.

Kengan Omega Chapter 137: Spoilers

Kengan Omega Chapter 137

Raw leaks are supposed to be arriving by 30th November. However, we have no spoilers on our hands as of yet. We will surely be updating the same if we manage to get some.

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 136

The fight is going on tremendously tough. Ohma seemed to be doing well in the first half as he played strategically. But, right now he seemed to be running out of ideas, where he could get the upper hand.

Lolong has Ohma under his grip, and he was seen to be pinning him down. Despite using Advance against him, Lolong doesn’t seem to falter. This puts Ohma t a disadvantage as he’s running out of ideas to stall the beast.

Ohma is injured too, his left hand is broken which he heals with his Redirection and Water Kata: Bone Consumption. Lolong also realizes how tough it will be to entirely take Ohma out of the game.

Some believe he is playing it defensively, while others state that he is simply looking out for an opening to take Ohma down. He’s successful in cutting Ohma’s chest. He uses his invincible elbow to strike Ohma down. Everyone is stunned by this quick thinking, and looking forward to how this goes down.

This is all about the latest Kengan Omega manga updates. The wait is almost over. But, stay tuned with us for more details on anime and manga. Check out the latest One Piece Chapter 1034.

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