Romance Manga is one of the best genres that all weebs like. It was one of the first types of manga to provoke interest in readers. In this blog, we will discuss everything there is to know about Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko Romance Manga is Coming To An End!

Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko Ends With Volume 13

Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko Ends With Volume 13


The romantic sweet manga is finally coming to an end after successfully running for 5 years. This cute anime has very little drama and offers a lot of fan service which keeps its readers hooked on and asking for more. The manga features the dating life and self-acceptance of the main character which is really comforting to read.

It was announced in the 12th volume of Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko that the next volume would be the ending of the Romantic Manga series. Volume 13 will be the end for Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko during April 2021, but on the bright side we know that its going to be an happy ending. Part of the journey is the the end.

About Anime

Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko manga

Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko or You’re So Sweet Girl is a japanese Shoujo Manga. The story revolves around a quite, calm and composed girl who hates herself for been tiny and bony. She feels that no one would take her as a girlfriend as no one deserves to have a girl like her. But all that changes when she meets the school’s popular boy and he falls in love with her. The Manga has a really good script and good fan service as well. It is really heart-warming and dpeicts the reality of self-acceptance.

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