Hello peeps! We will be talking about the brand new Kingdom chapter 655. This post will contain release dates, spoilers, and even a little recap of the new episode. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

The battle is going at an insane pace and fans are thrilled to see how the alliance turns out to be. Let’s get into some details now but before that, let’s have the recap of the chapter-


Kingdom Chapter 654: A quick recap

After having just clashed with the Chu, Qin headquarters observe that the Wei army seems like they are backing off. They also see the Wei army slipping through the defense lines of the Chu.

Moubu’s son gets scared as he watches the intense battle that is going on. He tries to think about what a strategist should do after hearing some of the soldiers. Qin army is piercing at an extremely fast pace and the Chu can be seen pulling back their second line of defense. But they are overjoyed to have Gohoumei with them.

Gohoumei thinks that Moubu’s son can think of something that will be bad for them and is tensed. Riboku is someone who could have kept up with their pace according to Gohoumei.

Wei and Qin are now at a wider gap and the General thinks it might not be a pincer. Kuku advises him not to jump to conclusions. Moubu and Tou made their way to the army front and Moubu’s army feels that he must be backed up.

Wei HQ watches the two armies fighting and Gohoumei feels like one man must be killed before the alliance ends in three years’ time. Qin and Wei are now going at the same pace. The first line of the Man-U armies can be seen getting defeated slowly and Moubu’s are does not stop!

We see Man-U army elite force Junju coming in. Moubu deals with Gen-U elites Kouhou. On the other hand, Moubu’s son observes that Elites make up Juuko’s second line.

Kingdom Chapter 655: Release Date

New Kingdom chapters come out every Friday or Saturday.  Chapter 655 will be out on 3rd October 2020. Please note that the manga is taking a weekly break and it will back in October.

Kingdom Chapter 655: Where to Read?

You can avail of the latest chapters of this manga in the Weekly Young Magazine. I’d recommend you do that as it means supporting creators too!

Currently, there is no official website for you to read Kingdom manga online officially, it is only available on the original ‘Weekly Young Magazine’.

You can also read the latest kingdom chapter 655 online on unofficial sites but we do not recommend them, but we highly advise you to support the official release as it supports the creators and owners.

Kingdom Chapter 655: Upcoming Chapter Spoilers, Raw Scans, leaks

No spoilers released yet, but they will soon be released. Fan translations, raw scan leaks, etc. might arrive soon, so bookmark this page to stay updated.


What is Kingdom Manga about?

As per fandomKingdom (キングダム Kingudamu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hara, Yasuhisa (原 泰久). It is published by Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Young Jump. The story takes place during the Warring States Period of ancient China (476-221 BCE).

The manga portrays the journey of an unknown boy and a young king. They try to change the kingdom’s course of history. It leads to their destiny being marked by violence and pain. This is all we know about the last chapter of the Kingdom. Stay tuned on Omnitos!

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