Koroshi Ai Episode 11 is coming out soon. The anime is getting more and more interesting as the episodes are progressing. The relationship between Chateau and Ryang Ha is becoming increasingly fascinating. They are recalling some really painful events from their past while also opening out to one another.

After spending so many years searching for Chateau, Son was heartbroken at the prospect of losing her. This is why Son remained silent when Chateau inquired about Donny’s organization. It will pick up at the point where Chateau and Son were attempting to flee Donny. However, based on the title, we can anticipate something extremely horrible, such as Nikka discovering both of them and collaborating with them to kidnap Chateau.

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Koroshi Ai episode 11:


We witnessed how Chateau jumped into a group of guards to reduce Ryang Ha earlier. They ended up in hiding in the camp after fleeing Donny’s Villa. They came to help Ryang Ha with his injuries. Meanwhile, Nikka cursed himself for inadvertently assisting Ryang Ha in his escape and vowed to track down and kill him in the future.

Both Ryang Ha and Chateau uncomfortably praised one other for saving each other, and there were some touching moments between them. Donny was so frustrated that he decided to send Nikka after Chateau, whom he had been looking for since she was a youngster.

Ryang Ha recounted some of his early recollections of being compelled to pickpocket. He told Chateau about how he picked up these illegal skills before he could read or write. Chateau felt terrible about it, but then she remembered Donny’s organization and how they were pursuing her.

Chateau stood up, frustrated, and attempted to leave and find it on her own before being stopped by Ryang Ha. He threatens her at first but then admits that he doesn’t want to lose her again. She had an uncontrollable flashback about shooting someone. Donny asked the original Ryang Ha to look for a man named Lizst in the flashbacks.

Release Date:

Koroshi Ai Episode 11 Titled “Worst” will be released on 24th March 2024. According to the official sources. And as we all know Koroshi Ai is a weekly anime, released every Thursday. If there’s a change in the dates this article will be updated accordingly.

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