Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Rendering is one of those series that gives you a shot of sleep with soothing sounds. This will put you into comfort and then starts showing horror, all at once. The Manga’s last chapter is out. But, hot news has just revealed!.

This is one of the manga, that you should not watch if you don’t like jump scares. The protagonist of the story, Shinpei will go back to a small island. He is hailing from the funeral.

While the last chapter of Summer Time Rendering written by Yasuki Tanaka is published. While the final chapter reveals that this manga will be turned into an anime series.

Do you know who is Kohei Horikoshi, he is famous My Hero Academia Manga’s author. He is an assistant to Tanaka during the first volume of Summer Time Rendering started. Horikoshi told that he learned a lot under Tanaka and the new manga teaches him more continuously.

Summer Time Rendering


Manga Journey 

This manga started in October 2017, while the last volume will be shipped in April 2023. While the first volume is released in February 2018. Tatsuhiko Katayama, who is the editor in charge of Summer Time Rendering manga. He shows a sincere appreciation for all the fans of this series. This manga will put readers into a mysterious world.

About Summer Time Rendering

Though Summer Time Rendering is a manga by Yasuki Tanaka. This started in the Shonen Jump+ magazine in October 2017, ended in the announcement of anime on February 1st, 2023.

This manga will occur in a remote location, a small Island consist of a small population. Where Shinpei will return to the Island to attend to his old childhood friend and family member. While the funeral goes in a smooth manner, undisturbed, he will be in a dreadful situation.

This manga includes total chapters of 139, while the last chapter is released on 31st January 2023. With a release of one chapter every week starting from January 20th, 2019.

After he lost his parents, Shinpei used to live with Kofune sisters, Mio and Ushio. Then he moved to Tokyo but, later Ushio drowns in the water while trying to save the Shiori.  The question is what is the cause of the death of Ushio is it bruises?

Summer Time Rendering Yasuki Tanaka

Later Shinpei convinced as there might be another explanation. Meanwhile dangerous entities are roaming among the people. A vision of deceased Ushio aks Shinpei to save Mio as her final request.

With the help of Mio and Other people, he manages to build a future. Where he and his friends can stay alive. But the more he explores, the more complex it seems. This will be about how much suffering will he go through before he finds the right path to save all.

You can watch his manga at Mangafreak, Mangaplus, and at many other sites.

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