Long Distance Relationships

Keeping a long distance relationship alive can feel so lonely and difficult at times, but it is important to remember that just because you are far apart, doesn’t mean you have to feel like you are alone. It takes a special person to make a commitment and stay bonded to their partner, even though their partner is far away, but being able to bond even deeper with your partner without being near them is especially commendable. It’s difficult to make each other feel like time is going by quickly and that you are still close and bonded, but with a little effort, you certainly can.


How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work:

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One way to keep the experiences going is to explore your fantasies together. When you are apart, you can discuss your desires with no pressure to actually do them at that moment. It allows you to express your desires and fantasies, and you don’t have to worry about judgment, or even be afraid of them walking away. The best way to do this is to broach the topic by suggesting something you have been wanting to try, and asking your partner their thoughts on what they would like to try as well. This makes it an open forum for both of you.


Another fun way to try new things is to look for porn or sexy videos that you find hot, and send them to each other. It helps you share desires and excitement in a mutually beneficial way. You can also try to look for different sex positions and tips/tricks that may be fun to try when you see each other next. Build a list of them and go for it!\


Don’t underestimate the power of sexting in a long distance relationship. Sexting can really keep the libido raised. It also builds anticipation for the next time you see them. Plus, the simple act of your partner sexting you (or vice versa) can leave both of you feeling wanted and appreciated, when you might not otherwise. Plus, sexting has a variety of ways to do it. You can sext, or you can have Skype sex, even sexy stripteases over Skype or Facetime can be super fun. Plus there’s phone sex – erotic phone calls were the go to back in the day, and honestly can be so fun to bring back into action. You can even do this with SnapChat – Instead of sending a silly selfie, try to surprise your partner with a picture that’s a little more… provocative.

Gifts also make a huge difference! Let your partner know you’re thinking about them by sending them something they’ll love. Does your partner love lingerie? Tie that into sexting! Send them something special, and tell them to send you a picture while wearing it. It can really make them feel super special, and you reap rewards from it too. You can even book your partner a boudoir photo shoot with the lingerie you bought them.

Sexy Toys

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Another fun way to keep the love alive is to buy one of those cloning kits! You can literally mold a dildo off of your cock, or mold a stroker off of your vagina. This is an extra personal touch that really speaks volumes – you’ll definitely think of each other when using these.

Date Nights

When you’re long distance, you might not think about date nights (because how are they possible?), but a long distance dinner date is certainly a good way to have fun. Order in, sit down with FaceTime or Skype, and talk to each other over the video. You can also have a Netflix party, where you watch together! This is a great way to feel involved and together. Try to set this up for once a week or once every other week – it really helps bring each other closer together, and maintains intimacy and connection.

Sending gifts, using sex toys and having “date nights” via video calls can also help make the distance feel less isolating.


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Communicate regularly: Make sure to keep in touch with your partner through regular phone calls, text messages, and video chats.

Common Goals

Set goals together: Set goals for your relationship and work towards achieving them together. This will give you something to work towards and look forward to.

Visit Your Partner

Plan visits: Plan visits to see each other as often as possible. Even if you can’t see each other in person very often, knowing that there is a future visit to look forward to can help keep the relationship strong.


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Trust and honesty: Building and maintaining trust is vital in any relationship, but it’s especially important in a long-distance relationship. Be honest with your partner and make sure they can trust you.


Be independent: It’s important to maintain your own life and interests while in a long-distance relationship. This will help prevent feelings of loneliness and will give you something to talk about with your partner.


Be patient: Long-distance relationships can be challenging, and it’s important to be patient with your partner and the relationship. Remember that distance can test a relationship, but it can also make it stronger.

All of these ways can be combined or separate depending on what you value in your relationship; but they’re all phenomenal ways to keep your bond and love strong, even if your distance to each other is great. Plus, you can incorporate these into a relationship even if you are just traveling temporarily, or back home with your family for the winter! The possibilities are endless, and you definitely want to try to branch out to keep each other happy, loved, and excited for the next time you see each other.