If you are new to electric bikes, the price might be the only thing you are considering. However, several other factors must be put on the table to get the perfect electric bike.

Features in eBikes are what make it worthwhile to invest in such a piece of equipment. Nowadays, it is easy to find an eBike that fits your needs. More manufacturers are releasing electric bikes catering to every rider.

For those unsure which component should comprise an electric bike, it is a must to read on. This article highlights features to look for in an electric bike.


Three Essential Features of an Electric Bike


Several components make up an electric bike. All play a vital role in how fast you can ride, how capable it is when facing tough road conditions, and how safe you are on daily commutes or outdoor riding.

In order to pick the best electric bike, you must know the essentials of what each component has to offer.


Most motors in eBikes are hub-driven and mid-drive.

Hub-driven motors are those located at the rear hub while the battery is positioned in the down tube. Most riders prefer this motor placement as it creates a normal-looking bicycle.

This motor type produces power with an electric motor spinning at a higher speed. To generate more torque, the motor shaft is connected to several planetary gears connected to the hub. While it produces the needed torque, hub-driven motors come with less-than-stellar maximum speeds.

On the other hand, mid-drive motors are those found in between the cranks of the eBike. It works by spinning a shaft connected to the chainring to generate torque. The manner the eBike motor helps you propel lies within the chainring itself, not with an additional power source.

The Mihogo X1 electric bike is a great example of an eBike using a hub-driven motor. Its 750W brushless hub-driven motor makes it possible to conquer all types of roads. This motor also makes it possible to rapidly accelerate during uphill climbs.

Another option for an eBike with a hub-driven motor is the Mihogo RX 2.4. This electric bike comes fitted with a 500W brushless motor, which provides a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour. It also features double 48V 12.8Ah batteries, which affords you an estimated range of 75 miles on a single charge.



The correct battery capacity for an eBike is still an ongoing debate within the community. For some riders, bigger batteries for electric bikes equate to further distances on a single charge.

However, there is a group of enthusiasts who wants small batteries. They reasoned that a tiny footprint lowers the weight of the bicycle, which helps in easily achieving the top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. They added that by quickly reaching the maximum speed, riders are forced to pedal more and achieve a longer battery life.

For those looking for a very capable battery, the Mihogo LX eBike packs two 48V 28.8Ah batteries, with a 12.8Ah located in front and a 16Ah rare battery. These batteries offer a maximum range of 86 miles on a single charge. This feature alone makes the LX a great option if you plan to travel to far-flung places. Also, a useful feature for when you do not want to be inconvenienced to charge your eBike every day.



Two different sensors are usually found in electric bikes – torque and cadence.

Torque sensors come with a precision strain gauge, which allows for accurate measurement of the force you are exerting on the pedal. This sensor determines how much electric power the eBike needs to produce to help you propel.

This sensor is mostly found in high-end electric bikes. Also, a common sensor in locations where cadence sensors are not allowed to be part of eBikes.

Cadence sensors, on the other hand, automatically turn on when you start pedaling and shuts off when you stop pedaling. Electric bikes with this sensor require you to control the boost level and speed by manually adjusting the assist mode.

Being inexpensive is the biggest advantage of this sensor. Its affordability allows even the lower-priced electric bikes to come with a pedal assist feature.


Motor, battery, and sensor are not the only thing you should look into in an eBike. You also need to consider the tires, the frame, and safety features. All of these components work together to provide you with the best riding experience.

The good news is manufacturers are offering riders, new and experienced, a great range of choices. It means you can get what you need, even on a tight budget!