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Majin Buu New Transformation

Hey guys! We just got some new information on the upcoming episodes about Android 17 and 18 and especially of Majin Buu! It seems Buu is training hard for the tournament and he has received a new transformation.

Sources say he has grown slim while he trains non stop. We will be seeing Goku and Buu have a trail fight and I am guessing it’s to show Buu can keep up with God form Goku.

Episode 85 Goku goes to the guardian of earth Dende to find where Android 17 is and gets to know he has a family and works as a guard in a wildlife park.

It wouldn’t be much of a trouble for Goku to convince him to join the tournament as Android 17 has had a transformation of heart and now is a man with a heart( not to mention he finds it shameful).

Android 18, on the other hand, is given a bit of a 10 million zenis! Saying it’s the winning prize to get her to join the tournament. We will see the Kaioshins of all the fighting universes meet together and I am particularly interested in the talk they will be having…

majin buu

Will they fabricate a plan to convince the Omni king(s) not to destroy few universes? or will they decide which universe lives and which ends before the match even begins?

Coming back to Majin Buu, He is said to train tough and I wonder why is he even training? Does the fear of losing everyone the reason why Buu wants to be stronger? all we know is he has a kind heart and the makers of DBS are not hesitant to give anyone a power upgrade right now.

We are sure to see some new transformation, this, of course, is a fan theory but come on do the math we need people who are at least close to the power levels that Goku and Vegeta play with.