The possibilities for creating an Instagram video to look highly professional are limitless. Since they have become so popular in recent periods, you should take advantage of them in all possible ways. High-quality Instagram videos can help you to improve the overall page engagement and to promote your business success which will result in growing your social medial presence.

Many people are wondering whether videos or pictures on Instagram are attracting more followers, and according to conducted research, it is found that videos are getting 38% more engagement than photos. Therefore, if you want a powerful way to grow your Instagram page, you should start making professional videos. However, you are probably wondering how you can achieve that. Well, there is no need to worry since we have prepared an article to help you on that path.


Build High-Quality Video Content


To make professional videos, you must pay attention to their quality. Your followers on social media will be attracted by high-quality video content they can enjoy. Therefore if you want to have a video on your social medial page that will grab the attention of many people, you must create it highly effective in the way that the video will provide the audience with something that they like.

The biggest mistake that Instagram users are thinking of is needing a professional camera to have professional videos on their page. Well, that is not true, and there is no need to borrow money to buy a brand-new camera and achieve your goal. Your smartphone camera has excellent settings that will help you make professional videos. You need to pay attention to some essential factors while shooting a high-quality video.

Pay attention to video lighting


If you want a professional video, you must ensure that the light is right in front of you in case you are shooting yourself. If you are taking a video of another object, the light should fall on that; not at the camera. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the time of the day you are shooting the video for your Instagram.

This especially counts if you are going to make t outside. The best time of the day to shoot outdoors is one hour before sunset or one hour after sunset. Additionally, mornings and early evenings can provide you with good lighting.

You must create steady shots

Another thing to keep in mind while shooting professional videos is keeping your shots steady and fixed. You probably do not want a chaotic video because your audience will not enjoy watching it. You must use a stabilizer or tripod to avoid that type of shaky shoot.

By using it, you can rest your elbow on a flat surface or decide on the other option of leaning your camera into a fixed object while being secured. There is an option of holding the camera or the phone with both hands. However, you must be very careful. With the steady scenes of the video and perfect lighting, you will see amazing professional footage.

Find out about the Rule of Thirds


Another great advice to help you shoot a professional video is the grid feature on your phone or camera. When you turn on this feature, you will see that your camera will be divided into nine equal sectors with two horizontal and two vertical lines. While you are shooting your video, you need to place the object on the part of the camera screen in the way where two of the four points intersect. Those crucial points represent the ones that the eye of the viewers will be focused on while watching the video content.

It is crucial to keep Your Videos Short

To grab people’s attention on social media, you must keep your videos as short as possible. People generally do not want to lose time watching one video for a long time. They will lose interest and maybe even unfollow you because you are not entertaining to them.

When creating professional Instagram stories, they should not be longer than 15 seconds. In the case of reels, they should not be longer than 30 seconds. Lastly, when it comes to the video posts on the page, they can not be longer than one minute.

Use Video Editing Tools


If you want to improve the quality of your videos, there is no better way than to choose to use some offline or online video editing tools. You will be amazed at what they can do to your video content and to which level they can enhance it and make it highly professional. In this way, you will surely grab the attention of many people on social media since it is an excellent approach to customize your video and make it magnificent.

You will be able, with the video, to truly highlight your brand style with just a glance. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of them in the online world. Most of them are pretty simple and user-friendly. If you hesitate to pick only one tool, you may want to check out after reading this article.

Do not forget to add Captions

Maybe you know about this, maybe not, but many Instagram users are watching videos without turning the sound on. This mostly counts for situations where people are stuck such as in a crowd or some other inconvenient place. In that case, people are scrolling the feed and watching muted videos. This is precisely the reason why you need to have videos with captions on your page.

In that way, your professional videos will grab people’s attention, and even though they do not have sound, people will see the message you want to send to the audience. Videos with captions can even make people interested enough to make them want to find a way to turn the sound on and see what your video is about.