Youtube is the second largest search engine on Earth and a place where you can showcase any talents you might have without any barriers to entry.

Movie-recaps Youtube channels are perfect for people who don’t have the patience to watch whole movies or want to get a glance before trusting them with their time. They became popular thanks to the good storytelling of youtube creators and the ability to make a presentation of a TV show or a movie in ten minutes or less.

Regardless if you like themes like at, space-travelling, sports, fighting, or any other genre, there is a channel out there that has probably posted a video review of your favourite film or tv show.

In case you’d like to create your own channel of this type, make sure to check out some of the steps listed below.


Learn How to Breakdown Movies & TV Shows


Many factors will influence your ability to create a high-quality review, and breaking down movies with an emphasis on the main points is one of them.

Watching movies and tv shows for recap purposes is not like having a movie night with your friends because casual watching doesn’t include the focus necessary to capture all the significant details.

When analyzing movies for making Youtube reviews, the biggest mistake you could make is forgetting to include an important part of the story, which could ruin the entire flow of the review.

After enough practice, you’ll learn how to spot the character profiles, present their virtues and flaws, and catch the errors of the director, which will improve the quality of your reviews and add more authority to your channel.

Make Your Reviews Objective


You might think that a certain movie is an all-time masterpiece that no director will ever come close to, but making reviews for your channel isn’t just about your opinions.

You have to take into account that your audience will have different thoughts regarding the same movie, so you want to sound as objective and neutral as possible.

The way you do that is through using the words that describe the scene as it is, and not just how you feel about it.

Instead of labeling the character as “cool”, you might want to describe him as some who is “challenging the social norms using his behavior and music choices”. That way you give the audience a much more precise description of the character, enabling them to picture him in their head much easier and connect with him on a deeper level.

Focus on Storytelling


One of the most important tools that will help you capture the audience is storytelling. How you tell the story is sometimes more significant than how good is the movie actually.

Being concise and to the point can make you loved by the viewers because there’s nothing they value more than their time, and they don’t want to spend it watching videos of someone talking in circles.

The best way to practice storytelling is to tell more stories, simple as that. Once you create a script, observe and analyze all the points where you said something that was maybe too much, or too little. With time, you’ll learn how to separate important from what’s not, and you’ll improve your storytelling to a professional level.

Invest in Video Quality


Last but not least, the Youtube channel is about video production, and while storytelling is vital, so is the video following it.

Learn about the video editing software and how to make the standardized video fragments required for review content. If you can afford it, hiring someone skilled in this area to work with you is a nice place to start until you catch up with the programs and can edit independently.

Make no mistake, if you try to slack off on the quality, the viewers will notice it in a heartbeat, which is not something that will benefit your videos in the long run.

Creating a Youtube channel may seem like a complicated task, but once you break down the steps you realize with enough commitment they’re more than manageable.

Your channel may or may not go viral, but you’ll have plenty of positives at the end of the day, like improved writing and storytelling skills, image and video editing, online research, and expanded movie knowledge.

The last one might be useful when chatting with people who like the same movies as you but everything before is high-demand skills you can apply in your career, so regardless of your channel’s financial success, creating it is an investment that pays off in the long run.