Monster #8 Chapter 30
Monster #8 Chapter 30

The Viewers of this phenomenal series are waiting eagerly for Monster #8 Chapter 30. This series is the English translated version of the original manga series of Kaiju No. 8. Naoya Matsumoto has written and illustrated the manga series. Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump has serialized this phenomenal series since July 2020 and has gained great popularity across the globe.

As recorded, the reports say that in the month of March 2024, this manga series had approximately 1.2 million copies in circulation including the digital versions.

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    Release Date of the Monster #8 Chapter 30:

The latest chapter of this thrilling series, that is chapter 30 is going to come online very soon. The previous chapter i.e. Chapter 29 came online last week. On every Thursday an exciting and new chapter is released. Read it on Mangaplus!

For the fan base and audience of this series in the international forum, the English translation of the latter will be released after few hours of the release of the original series. But based on the information given by the sites for Monster #8 or Kaiju No. 8, there will be no new release this week, as they are on a break!

The new chapter will be released a week later than the original dates. However, a new chapter gets online every Thursday. In addition, after the original Japanese comes online it just takes few hours to get the English translations to be up.

  • Overview of Monster #8 Chapter 29:

So, let’s have a quick overview of Chapter 29 of Monster #8.

We see that Hoshina is defeated and is slowly losing his consciousness, after the great battle. Most of the followers are guessing that either Mina or Kafka will be coming for his rescue. And amongst them, most are inclined towards the speculative thought that it will be Mina, who will be arriving first as she is more apt to fight such huge scale Kaiju, as we have seen in the previous chapters.

At the same time, there are also Mina’s words which are attracting the attention and concern of the audience when she said, “Humanoid or not, all Kaiju must be eliminated”; which actually makes the viewers think and ask why does she hate Kaiju so much? Many think that it might have a link to what happened during her childhood when she escaped with Kafka, who later decided to become a part of the Defence Force to defeat the Kaiju, the monster. The main job of the Defence Force is to kill the Kaiju as they regularly attack the people.

Another very interesting and hair-raising moment is yet to come. When Mina is going to find out that Kafka has turned in a Kaiju. How she is going to react to it?

A Quick Recap Monster #8-

The story revolves around the protagonist Kafka Hibino. Kafka is a person who is not contained in his life and is very unhappy and unsatisfied with his current job. However, all of a sudden, one day he becomes a monstrous creature called Kaiju. Becoming Kaiju has given him power and capabilities, new chances to achieve his dreams, which was at once impossible for him, and a gateway of numerous opportunities.