Monster #8 Chapter 42


The release of Monster #8 Chapter 42 is just around the corner. Kaiju No. 8, also known in English as Monster #8, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. Shueisha’s Sh*nen Jump+ website and application have serialized it for free. The series began on July 3, 2020. The series will be released in English by Viz Media in North America. As of now the Monster #8 has released three volumes.

The plot is centered around Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro who are childhood friends. Once their hometown was destroyed by Kaiju ( Giant monsters that attack towns and cities in Japanese), they both decided to join the Defense force.

Mina managed to gain popularity as the commander of the Defense Force’s Third Unit. Kafka on the other hand failed the exam multiple times and is now a member of the cleanup crew at Monster Sweeper Inc. His job includes disposing of the monster’s dead bodies after the battle.

As a result of a small talking monster flying into Kafka’s mouth, he gains the ability to transform into a monster himself, which gets labeled “Kaiju No. 8” by the Defense Force. When in the form, Kafka is fully aware, but becomes superhumanly strong, and escapes the Defense Force and becomes the first monster to do so.

Kaiju No.8 has been very popular is doing especially well on the Manga Plus service. The manga was also nominated for the 14th Manga Taishō in 2024 and was placed 6th with 58 points. Manga Taishō is an annual award given to Japanese mangas with eight or fewer volumes.


Monster #8 Chapter 42 Release Date

 Monster #8 Chapter 42

Monster #8 Chapter 42 Release date is on August 20, 2024. Fans have been eagerly looking forward to the release of the new chapter. The manga readers will have to wait for just a few more days until they can read the upcoming chapter. There are lots of other cool mangas coming out around this time. Make sure to check out Omnitos to know all about the release date, spoilers, and updates of all new releases.

Monster #8 Chapter 42 Spoilers

The raw scans of the manga are not available as of now, so we do not have any information about Monster #8 Chapter 42. We are regularly searching the internet for spoilers and updates. Keep checking our website for updates and spoilers. We will make sure to upload more information as soon as we get hold of it.

Where To Read The New Chapter?

The manga readers can head over to Shueisha’s online manga service Shonen Jump plus the official website to read the new chapter. Those who want to read the English version can head over to Viz media’s official website to read the upcoming chapter.

More About Monster #8

 Monster #8 Chapter 42

In its first week, the series’ first volume sold 90,831 copies, and in its second week, 69,404 copies. In March 2024, the manga had over 1 million copies printed physically and 200,000 copies sold digitally, making it the fastest Sh*nen Jump+ series to sell 1 million copies, then 1.5 million copies 20 days later. By June 2024, the manga had sold 2.5 million copies, and by the middle of the month, it had sold 3 million copies.

The manga has a lot of unique elements. The designs of the Kaijus or the monsters are excellent. Usually, in mangas, the main character is portrayed as someone who is weak at first but has potential.

They then train vigorously to improve their powers and ultimately becomes a full-fledged hero. But here we see the main character Kafka, who is already past his prime years. This adds a touch of variety to the series which hasn’t been seen in many other series. Even though it quickly developed into the popular shonen battle tropes, the main idea of Kafka’s character sets it apart from its counterparts.