Finally, we have some solid information on which universe could be the one with the Mortal stronger than the God of destruction. Just a few hours ago we had the translations out for the Manga. Though I will totally agree that there are a lot of differences between the anime and the Manga but for now we have something to work with.

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For those of you who don’t know, there wasn’t any particular scene which did say that “There exists a mortal stronger than God” in the Manga, though there are significant similarities between the storylines. There are tons of similarities like the latest switching between the Red and the Blue form or Zeno erasing the whole universe in the Black Goku arc, but it does not necessarily mean those two are the same.

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Let’s go to the translations. These are the possible indicator but not really the confirmation that there is a warrior from the universe where Quitela is the God of Destruction. Yes, Universe 4 is the one which potentially has the Mortal stronger than God. In the translations, Quitela says Beerus “You lost to me once, why won’t you admit that I am stronger than you?” to which Beerus replies “That was an arm-wrestling match, and there is no way I would lose in a combat.”

Which does potentially mean in Universe 4 there might be someone who can defeat Quitela, but that does take all the interest out of it, given its just Quitela that he can defeat. Yes, he is a God of destruction and that simply means he would have a really high level of power in his hand but the recent activities of Quitela are just too shady.

The latest chapter of Manga tells us that all the Gods have their differences with Beerus and are fighting with him. Damn! Beerus is just unstoppable. Make sure to check out the article on the power level analysis of Beerus. For now, we know that Universe 4’s Quitela and Beerus has the same history in the Manga as in the Anime. So there is a fair probability for a lot of things here.

The first could be that it is possible that there is more than just one universe which has Mortals stronger than Gods. Second, It could be the close competition to Jiren will be the two hidden warriors of universe 4. Or third Quitela is just too weak. All the options seem to be fairly logical but we need to wait for the Anime to reveal the real story.

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