Even though we all have calculators today, children won’t be able to use them efficiently if they don’t have a good number sense.

One more reason why learning multiplication and division facts by memory is a great idea is because it will be of great help to your child when they start working with larger numbers, fractions and algebra.

Moreover, people need these skills in everyday life. For example, you need to use them when calculating the discount you may get in a shop or determining what tip you should leave at a restaurant.

So in spite of the fact that we live in a digital age, children still have to learn the same math as their parents did. However, modern technology offers us a variety of digital learning tools to do this.

Fun Apps for Kids to Help with Math Facts


Math facts are calculations that involve four basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using two numbers from 1 to 9.

If a child has mastered math facts, it means they can automatically tell, for instance, what is 9-4 or 3+7. “Automatically” here means that they don’t pause to visualize or count on their fingers.

To reach this level of automaticity, children need to visualize the concepts and practice a lot. The Talented and Gifted app by Kids Academy deals with both these tasks.

Talented and Gifted uses a gradual release approach. It is similar to teaching a kid to ride a bicycle. First, you use training wheels, then you hold the bike to prevent your little one from falling – and gradually you hand over responsibility to your child.


Talented and Gifted uses this method by starting with pictures. Your kid will count the numbers from an array by either counting one at a time or skip-counting. Seeing visual representations of equal groups of items can help your child develop an understanding of what multiplying and dividing are. For example, 2 rows and 4 columns of houses equals 8 houses. The app offers a lot of repetition, which builds automaticity.

In grade 3, it’s time to remove the “training wheels”. Now children work with numbers alongside the pictures.

The Talented and Gifted App offers a lot of repetition and visual cues that help children understand math. What is more, you can find child-friendly videos that explain each concept.


Another feature of the app is variety. Different ways of explaining math are used to help you understand it better and your child will stay engaged for longer if there is diversity. The Kids Academy website and its Talented and Gifted App offer a wide selection of such resources as easy learning worksheets, games, videos and many more.

Children can develop the mastery we mentioned before by frequently working with quizzes and other games over a period of time. Practicing small chunks regularly works better than trying to memorize everything in one sitting.
Once your child is proficient in Math facts, they’ll feel confident to use the acquired skills to solve word problems.