Muse Asia really does know how to put a smile on an Otaku’s face. Their recent announcement was regarding the streaming of the fan-favorite anime – Saiyuki Reload Blast. In this blog, we will discuss everything there is to know about this fantastic announcement and when to watch Saiyuki Reload Blast on Muse Asia.

Muse Asia Youtube Channel streams Saiyuki Reload Blast

Muse Asia Youtube Channel streams Saiyuki Reload Blast

On Thursday, The Muse Asia YouTube channel announce some great news regarding the streaming of an amazing anime. The anime was none other than Saiyuki Reload Blast. It was initially famous for its manga which released way back in 1997 by Kazuya Minekura. The manga later got an original video adaptation in 1999 followed by an anime television series of 50 episodes in 2000.

Saiyuki Reload Blast is the final sequel of the Saiyuki series and consists of 12 episodes released on July 5, 2017, and ended on September 20, 2017. This final beauty is now going to be streamed on Muse Asia at 5:30 PM IST.

The stream is said to cover countries other than India as well, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Bhutan, Nepal, Laos, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Philipines.

What is Saiyuki Reload Blast About?

Saiyuki Reload Blast comes under the genre of Action, Adventure, and Occult fiction, Comedy, Drama. In a world where science and magic exist Humans and Yokai co-exist with each other in a peaceful manner without any order or regulations which are also known as Shangri-La. This peaceful and balanced life was triggered and broken due to the Minus wave caused by the Yokai when they went to rampage which is an event called – Calamity.

In order to stop Gyumaoh’s resurrection experiments which is the root cause of all evil on the continent, the three aspects continue their journey west and end up nearing India. Although things don’t seem easy as the calamity tends to have a more pronounced influence when they get closer, in other words, the battle gets even more intense.

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