My Hero Academia Chapter 303 might feature the aftermath of all the destruction that’s going on in the city. The previous chapter featured the Todoroki family’s guilt and how they felt responsible for Toya’s actions. Now, it has been decided that Endeavor and Shoto will bear the burden of putting a stop to Dabi’s crimes and end it all for once. In this article, we will discuss, My Hero Academia Chapter 303, Is Deku Going to Wake Up?

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 on a Delay?

No, My Hero Academia Chapter 303 is not on a delay. Furthermore, fans can’t handle a delay at such a point on time. The series is at its pinnacle with not knowing what could happen next. Is Deku going to wake up? Will All Might male the ultimate sacrifice? Are Shoto and Endeavor going to have a face-off against Dabi? Well, let’s find out.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Release Date

my hero academia chapter 303

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Release Date is confirmed as 28th February 2021. The next chapter will feature either Shoto and Endeavor VS Dabi or an update on Deku’s condition. Now that the confessions of the Todorki family are over, other parts of the manga series might get the spotlight. For more news on My Hero Academia Manga stay updated with Omnitos.

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MHA Chapter 303 Spoilers

There are currently no spoilers regarding My Hero Academia chapter 303. The spoilers for MHA 303 are set to release 2 days prior to the official release date of the latest chapter.

Where to Watch My Hero Academia Chapter 303?

All the latest chapters of MHA manga and My Hero Academia Chapter 303 are available for free on Viz MediaMangaplus, SHONEN JUMP APP ANDROID, SHONEN JUMP APP APPLE IOS. Do make sure to use these online streaming platforms as they really do help promote the creator and staff of the manga series.

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