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The previous chapter showed us All Might scrambling for his life from two pathetic villains. It pained fans to see All Might in such a dire state. But later he jumps out of the car and says to himself that Izuku has been through much more than him which is why he still wants to protect him with his life. The scene cuts to Deku running away from Lady Nagant, where he is suddenly hit by her. He goes on to surprise all the readers by using the 9th quirk and 3rd quirk simultaneously. This article is going to update you guys on “Read My Hero Academia Chapter 314 -“All Might’s Appearance?”, Latest Updates!”


My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Release Date is projected to be May 30th, 2024. The previous chapter hinted at Deku using multiple quirks at once in order to take down Lady Nagant. But we also saw All Might face off against other villains. Will he transform again to protect Deku? Will we ever see All Might again? To know more about My Hero Academia Chapter 314, stay updated with us at Omnitos.

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