My Hero Academia Chapter 315 -
My Hero Academia Chapter 315 - "An Old Rival Appears", Release Date!

The battle continues as Lady Nagant takes on Midoriya. We previously saw Nagant’s past and what turned her into the assassin she is today. Deku moves super fast to dodge her bullets and ends up finding out her shooting pattern. Just as he is about to attack her, Chisaki screams from the rooftop to finish the battle fast. Midoriya is shocked as he has no idea of what is going on. The next chapter will show an even more heated-up battle between the 2 and maybe Chisaki. This blog will update you on My Hero Academia Chapter 314 – “An Old Rival Appears”, Release Date!


My Hero Academia Chapter 315

The next chapter will feature an amazing battle of reflexes and mental stability as Chisaki has now been exposed. Also, Deku will have to strengthen his heart and takedown Nagant regardless of her past and Chisaki. He will have to master his new abilities and settle the battle. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see what’s in store for them in My Hero Academia 314.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 Release Date is projected to be June 6th, 2024. This is a projected release and can be subject to changes in the future due to sudden and unexpected delays. Make sure to stay updated with us at Omnitos for all the latest manga updates and release dates of all the ongoing manga.

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