Deku has really been through a lot at such a young age, no wonder he turns out to become the greatest hero alive. In the past, he had to witness so many hardships and deaths, and that made him work harder. But now he has seen something that nothing but the work of pure evil. This might bring about a change in Deku that we never expected. He might turn into a monster that will hunt AFO down or he might cry and feel bad for Lady Nagant. Either way, there is surely going to be sadness in the next chapter as well. In today’s article, we will update you on My Hero Academia Chapter 316 – “Deku Has Seen Enough” – Release Date Confirmed!


My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Release Date Confirmed!

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Release Date is confirmed to be June 13th, 2024. This is the official release date as provided by Viz Media, no further delays are expected. Fans are super excited to see what happens in the next chapter. Did Lady Nagant survive the explosion? Will Overhaul go berserk? Is there going to be a drastic change in Deku’s character from Chapter 316? I guess we will have to wait and find out. But one thing is for sure, there is going to be a lot to take in when the next chapter releases.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Read Online Free

All the latest chapters including My Hero Academia Chapter 316 can be found on Viz Media. This is literally the best platform to read all the latest manga chapters online for free. This site supports the staff and creators of all our favorite manga. We highly condemn the use of unofficial and illegal manga reading platforms. A new chapter is expected to release every week as it is a weekly shonen jump manga.