My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia fans, hold your breath!. The wait will be over, Season 5 is around the corner. Let’s recollect what we know before going to season 5.

Season 4 of My Hero Academia, which is ended with an epic battle between Endeavor, the Number one hero, and incredibly strong character Hood. During the battle Number, one hero pushes his limits to surpass others. While Season 5 is set on stage to launch over the air in Spring 2024.

The upcoming season promises more high-intensity battles between two hero classes. Midoriya, the meaning of his mysterious dream in the post-credit scene of the last episode. Here is the information, we gathered about the fifth season.


My Hero Academia Story So Far

Eri My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Season 4 started with a new villain, Overhaul. He wants to return to the world to a time before Quirks existed. Where his former boss Shie Hassaikai took him, Overhaul also want to return the yakuza back into a position of power as a way to return his debt. He uses a young girl, Eri to create bullets out of her blood and cells to destroy Quirks.

Midoriya and Mirio encounter the two on a patrol on Midoriya’s first official day working at Sir Nighteye’s agency and forces Eri for a decision that haunts them.

Midoriya defeats Overhaul with the help of other hero’s including Kirishinna, Uraraka, and Asui. All of the experiments were done on Eri, which causes her significant trauma, making her unable to smile. She even doesn’t know what is happiness means. She is invited to attend a school fest, where she encounters a villain pair. But, after seeing the class performance she finally smiles.

Expectations of Fans 

My Hero Academia Fans Expectations

With the end of season 4 Endeavor and Hawks successfully fighting off a Nomu, who can withstand the powerful strikes from Endeavor. But, thinks once while it seems like the League of villains is laying low for now. They have remaining bullets in their hands after overpowering Overhaul.

Season 5 will focus more on U.A, while the students from class 1-B are shining. We can expect for joint training they can merge these two. But, they will divide them into small teams to fight. Though it seems class 1-A have upper hand than other class.

But others are improving a lot meanwhile. At the end of the 4th Season, Midoriya saw all of the previous users of One for all as well as a glimpse of his brother in his dream. he wakes up and destroys everything.

You can watch the Season 5 trailer here, Trailer Official

Release Date

As Season 4 completed in April 2020 previous year. All fans of this anime are waiting for the upcoming season. While the numbers are not yet known, we can expect My Hero Academia Season 5 on March 27 of this year.

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