In the previous chapter, we saw Overclock pull an amazing yet unexpected move to free himself. He literally freed himself by changing the shape of his body and moving all the cells in his body of his own free will. This shocked everyone except Crawler as he was the one to blast Overclock’s face. After giving time for everyone to vacate, Crawler is sent as a messenger to bring All Might to the scene. But Crawler takes things into his own hands and stands face to face with Overclock. This article will update you on My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104 – “Crawler Vs Overclock”, Release Date!

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104 Release Date!

As of now, the recent reports suggest that there won’t be a delay in the release of chapter 104. Fans can be assured that they will get to the fight between Crawler and Overclock as soon as possible. Viz Media has confirmed the release date of My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104 to be June 25th, 2021. For more interesting information and updates regarding the release dates of all the ongoing jump manga, stay updated with us at Omnitos.

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