Goku new form


Goku Perfect God Form?

The all things you need to know about the form that Goku will gain in the Universal Tournament Arc. Goku Perfect God Form !

He smiles, here in the pic below:

The 3 seconds of latest bone chilling trailer of the new arc has left all of us perplexed. Is Goku finally reached perfect god form?

Was it that easy to be a match to a god? Or is it what we have seen before, Black Goku!

We all can agree with the fact that Goku even in his ssj blue form was no match to Black Goku, let alone a perfect god. The theory here is that the form Goku reaches is more than Black Goku,

,besides it still is no match to the alien he is in bout with. He smiles and we know he is enjoying the enormous strength of his opponent, but will the form help him in anyways to win the battle?, apparently not


The whole theory seems far fetched when we even consider the fact that Goku may train under some one higher than his last trainer Whis.

Who you ask? The only one who can who can be considered for the task is the grand priest. Let’s save that story for some other day.

Assuming Goku trains with the same scales with which he has been it now. He might have some real tough time ahead.

Left out-matched even after the power-up Goku will have two options,the long awaited Kaio-ken x 40,

Which he may not be able to sustain for any more than what it takes to defeat the strange guy. (below in the image)

He is not afraid of him, any more than he is afraid of dying. He may be seen holding back a little, Or at least we wish he is because if not, the only thing left would be the signature move of Vegita.

The Goku Perfect God Form against this Alien:

-The self-destruct.

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