Image by davidmaxsteinbach

This theory came to our mind when we saw the titles of future episodes of Dragon Ball Super from 110-113. There may be a glimpse of the new form in episode 110 and actual appearance may be in episode 113 which is named: Super Saiyan Maniac Battles!

Super Saiyan Maniac seems to be another amazing name for some transformation which might just show up. Dragon Ball super is going to test our ability to wait a bit more than expected. Special thanks to KenXyro for some pictures! 

The new silver eyed form comes after the one-hour special episode and the titles of the later episodes do not suggest the form is coming any soon after the special episode too. Our bet is the form will be revealed in the 113-116th episode.

Ok, so what happens till then? The fight continues. There might be an episode where the Saiyans join hands against various enemies.

Image by Umair Aamir

Let’s see what will happen! That’s all, for now, you can comment what name you like the most for the Goku’s new form!

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