No Game No Life is one of my favorites and I hope yours too. This Light Novel is perfect. With the way, Yuu Kamiya narrated the whole storyline and how the characters have developed, it’s just perfect. Recently the author made some announcements related to No Game No Life Light Novel.

So, read till the end to know what the announcement is and everything related to No Game No Life. And if you haven’t yet read or watched this masterpiece. I suggest dropping everything you are doing and going watch or read this.


No Game No Life: Final Stage

In the Recent Volume 11, which was released on 25th December in Japan. Contains a note from the author Yuu Kamiya. This note from the author mentions that the No Game No Life Light Novel is entering its final stage. This means that the Light Novel is going to reach its final chapter.

No Game No Life Manga

Apart from this, no additional information is provided by the author as to how many chapters or volumes are left after the release of the latest volume. Light Novel started way back in the year April 2012. And so far has 11 volumes, with the recent volume released on 25th of December 2024.

No Game No Life: Where To Watch/Read

Here is the list of official websites from where you can Read/Watch:

Manga: Mangakakalot.

Mashiro Hiiragi, the wife of Yuu Kamiya, adapted the manga back in 2013.

Light Novel: Yen Press, Barnes&Nobel.   

Yen Press first released the No Game No Life Light Novel in Digital & prints for North America. You can also purchase the light novel from Amazon and Flipkart. Other than that links are mentioned above from where you can purchase.

Anime: Netflix, Crunchyroll

After the popularity of light novels and manga, Studio Madhouse produced the anime. the anime contains 12 episodes. Apart from this, a feature film came out back in 2017.

If you have watched the anime first and now wondering where to read the light novel?. Anime adapted 3 volumes of the light novel, so you can start from 4th volume. Currently, No Game No Life Light Novel has 11 volumes.


The official synopsis goes like this: 

Sora and Shiro are siblings who, by normal standards, are loser shut-ins. However, these siblings do not follow the norms of society’s “crappy game.” This brilliant duo rules the gaming industry, their invincible avatar so well-known that it’s the stuff of mythology. Sora and Shiro pretty hits jackpot when a young boy claims to be God. And brings them to another universe where war is outlawed and all conflicts–even those affecting national borders–are determined by the outcome of games. However, they quickly discover that in this world, mankind, surrounded and outnumbered by alien species, is confined to a single city. Will Sora and Shiro, two life failures, turn out to be the world’s saviors? Allow the games to begin…

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