Odd Taxi Movie Trailer Revealed

Odd Taxi Movie Trailer Revealed along with Release Date and other details. Are you excited about the Odd Taxi Movie? We all are. The anime was an unexpected one, but it gained quite some popularity among the Japanese folks. Not only in Japan, but the anime series also made a name all over the globe.

Let us get into some more details on what we know about the upcoming Odd Taxi Movie


Odd Taxi Movie: Release Date

Odd Taxi was rather an odd anime that aired through the Spring 2024 anime season. But, the combination of humor and mystery gave it a lot of popularity. It brought an extra freshness to the monotone of the major anime.

And, now the fandom is demanding more. We can even expect a season 2 by 2024. But, the news of the movie has been an amazing one. Fans are overjoyed. Also, Odd Taxi Movie Trailer was Revealed.

The production behind the series announced releasing a feature film Odd Taxi, which is scheduled to premiere in April 2024. The date of the premiere should be April 1st, conveniently for April Fools Day.

Odd Taxi Movie: Release Details

For the moment we only have news about the movie releasing in Japan. It might be bad news for all Odd Taxi fans around the world. But, we have no news of the worldwide release at the moment.

Odd Taxi Movie Trailer Revealed

A trailer for Odd Taxi: In the Woods was also released as you can see above. The clip keeps its secrets close to its chest, but fans are reunited with Odokawa all the same. The taxi driver is back at work in this partial sequel, so some of the scenes shown here will be familiar. But as the film carries on, fans expect new mysteries and cases to fall into our hero’s cab as he drives around the city.

About Odd Taxi

The first season had 13 episodes, introducing us to the life of a 41-year-old walrus taxi driver, called Odokawa. Odokawa is eccentric himself, but he can’t even guess how his ordinary job will make his life extraordinary as he is drawn into a mysterious intrigue.

Thanks to his passengers and their stories, Odokawa will be soon wanted by the police and the mafia as the conversations he is having with the passengers all take him to the story of a missing girl.

This is all we have on the Odd Taxi Movie right now. We will be back as soon as we have something concrete on our hands. Till then, follow us for more anime and manga-related content.

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