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Hello, everyone. One Piece Manga Chapter 921 Official Spoilers are previously leaked and in this chapter, we finally got to see the legendary Devil Fruit of Kaido, Before you continue reading, I would like to remind you that this post carries One Piece Chapter 921 official spoilers and raw scans. Subscribe to our Reddit Community for the latest updates.

One Piece Chapter 921 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 921 is set to release on October 22nd, 2018. However, it appears like we will be seeing the new chapter quicker than expected.

One Piece Chapter 921 Spoilers

In the spoilers posted on Reddit, One Piece Chapter 921 will begin with the Luffy and co making arrangements for their assault on Kaido’s nation during the night of the Fire Festival.

One Piece Kaido's devil fruit

The Fire Festival is a grand display held annually. The festival honors Kaido as the glorious king who defends the country. On that day, Shogun holds a show and goes to Onigashima to pay tribute. Then we’ll notice Kinemon drawing few figures on a piece of paper which cover a fire, a two-winged island, and an opposite crescent moon. The fire symbolizes the festival, the two-winged island depicts the Chinese Zodiac Bird, and the moon describes their rebellion upon the Yonko.

One Piece 921 official spoilers also state that Kinemon thinks Brook’s ability will be relevant to the city’s food supplies. Moreover, Franky managed to draw a picture of Kaido’s territory after displaying an assistant of his carpenter. Robin is drawing nearer to Orochi as a geisha and is operating on a plan. Everyone gets a costume from Kinemon.

After giving all of them Japanese clothes, Kinemon unveiled his plan to go on a mission to find 3 strong associates Kamatsu, Denjirou, and Ashura Douji. The food Luffy led to Okobore town is taken by few mountain bandits. The townsfolk resist but are no competition for them. Their boss Shutenmaru shows his katana at the townsfolk, there is no mighty samurai around to preserve them.

Jack tells Shuntenmaru if you want to live you have to become Kaido’s worker. Shutenmaru cuts Jack and says ‘Don’t underestimate the Samurai!’ The two battle almost evenly but Jack shows better. While they are struggling, the sky turns grey. Trafalgar Law tells Luffy to see at the sky. A dragon’s form is displayed among the clouds showing Jack to bring those children to him. Law reveals that is the Kaido.

I think the Dragon power was mentioned at more. Kinemon’s dislike for dragons. Kaido resembling on a sky island without anyone remembering he’d left, indicating he probably flew, rather than sailed. Momonosuke having an artificial dragon zoan, making him a mirror to Kaido.

OP Chapter 921 Leaked Images

One Piece chapter 921

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