One Piece Chapter 923 Luffy vs Kaido

Hello, everyone. One Piece Chapter 923 titled “Emperor Kaidou vs. Luffy” raw version is already out and we know the real tea! The tea is about to be spilled! Luffy will attack Kaido. Kaido will arrive drunk and destroy the whole town of Okobore in his drunken state. The reason of Luffy attacking Kaido head-on is that he is attached to the folks of Okobore town and Kaido destroyed it. Luffy is the kind of guy who will go to hell and back if you put even a little finger on his friends and loved ones. Here are the Release Dates, there will be no breaks:

Ch. 923 Official Release (VIZ): 05/11/2018, unoffical already released on

Ch. 924 Scan Release: 08/11/2018

Basil Hawkins manipulated Kaido, telling him that Luffy and Law were in the Oden Castle which led him to destroy it but in reality, Luffy and Law were not there at all. But what is going to happen next? Let us break down and speculate the events of the upcoming chapter. But before that, there is a warning for you. The post ahead contains spoilers so read at your own will. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Updates. Enjoy!

One Piece Chapter 923 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 923 will release on 25th on Viz officially.

One Piece Chapter 923 Official Raw/Spoilers

Things have escalated so quickly that w have not been able to get even a small chance to breathe evenly. only a few frames back we saw Luffy and the others entering Wano. In a short span of time, they managed to wreak havoc to the Bakura town and defeat a lot of time. A short time after, Kaido destroyed the Oden Castle enraging Luffy so much that he hit him head-on with the Elephant Gun.

After getting hit we see Kaido fallen on the ground and Luffy going to check up on his teammates. but instead what he found was a beaten Speed who tells him that Kaido found out about her when they were headed to Tama’s home. Upon listening to this, Luffy regrets not seeing Tama to her home safely and failing to protect her. It is not yet clear whether Tama is dead or gravely injured but it is certainly clear that Kaido did something to her. Do you think Luffy is going to let Kaido escape unscathed now? No! Despite Law’s consistent reasoning, Luffy’s wrath will not let him just run away from Kaido without putting up a fight. they will have another fight, Luffy in Bound Man and Kaido in his human form. Luffy will attack Kaido with full strength and fail. He will get tired soon and in the meantime, Kaido will sober up. The chapter will end with Luffy lying unconscious and bloody on the ground.

One Piece Chapter 923 Scans

One Piece Chapter 923 Official Raw

One Piece 923 Raw

One Piece Chapter 923

One Piece Chapter 923 Official Scans

One Piece 923 Official Spoilers

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