Hello, you anime fans! Today in this article we are going to discuss One Piece Episode 939. This article will contain spoilers, release date as well as a quick recap of the previous chapter. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here to skip to the release date section. So, let’s get started!


Episode 938: A quick recap

The news of the capture of the brilliant thief Ushimitso Kozo spread around like wildfire. Orochi is still heartbroken for the loss of his loved one. Orochi has gone a little crazy saying that Komurasaki is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. Then he gets to know who Kozo really is and regains his senses back.

He also orders the execution of Kozo. In the meantime, Brooke hears about Kozo and tries to remember where he has heard that name before. Brook even finds Zoro and Komurasaki together at Bandits Mountain. He let her know that everyone thinks she is dead and her funeral is being held. Brooke also got to know that Kozo is Tonoyasu.

When Toko hears about the fate of his father, he runs to the Flower capital followed by Zoro, Brooke, and Komurasaki.

One Piece Chapter 939 Release Date

The release day of One Piece episode is every Sunday. Similarly, you will see the release of Episode 939 on 30th August 2020 which is a Sunday too.

‘The Straw Hats Run! Save the Captive Tonoyasu!’ is the title of the new episode.

You can stream the new episode on Crunchyroll, Animelab, and Hulu as well. However, there might be a little delay for the episode to stream online on these above-mentioned platforms.

One Piece Episode 939 Spoilers

The episode 939 will continue with the vivid adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Wano Country Arc. Their plans were damaged when a lot of information regarding these made their way to Orochi. However, on a more important note, it looks like we have to bid farewell to an important character. In the last episode of 938, fans got to know about who Yasue truly was and it shocked us when it was revealed that he is Toko’s father.

We were shown that Toko hurries to the capital to try and stop Yasue’s execution. Will he be able to stop? Will you see Yasue alive again? I guess we have to wait for that till the release of episode 939.

The execution of Yasue will be the main focus of this new episode. Fans can expect to see a flashback scene between Yasue and Orochi. If you are not familiar with the manga version of One Piece, I recommend preparing your heart for a pretty grave heartbreak. Also, follow our article on the manga version right here!

We will get to know more about Kozuki Oden too!

Here is a video link that will help you to know more about Episode 939 preview!

The wait will be over soon! Till then follow our other articles on Dragon Ball Super and Boruto.

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