Howdy fellow anime lovers! We are bringing you all the details of the One Piece Episode 946 today. One Piece Episode 946 release date is 18th October 2020. This article will contain the release thread of the brand new episode and even a recap of the previous chapter. Without further ado, let’s get started!


One Piece Episode 946: Release Date

The One Piece anime is currently running every week and a new episode is released every Sunday. Similarly, Episode 946 will be released on 18th October 2020 which is a Sunday. The time of release is 9.30 a.m JST.

Usually, there will not be any delay without a warning. One Piece Episode 946 will come out this Sunday!

One Piece Episode 946: Where to Watch?

If you want to watch the One Piece anime as soon as it is released, Crunchyroll is the best option. Other official streaming sites are also there but they will take some time to stream the episode online.

You can use this link to get more episodes of this Anime.

One Piece Episode 946: Spoilers

Right now there are no updates for One Piece Episode 946 spoilers. But we will surely update you once we get out hands-on spoilers!

One Piece 945: A quick recap!

Big Mom whacked Queen, who went flying and broke the wall of Udon. On the other hand, Captain Kid and his friend were saved from drowning. Queen who is beaten, transforms back into his old form. His allie are shocked that a man 1.3 billion berry bounty was defeated in just two blows.

Big Mom sniffs the smell of red bean soup. Guards, on the other hand, rushed to report Kaido. Making use of this opportunity, Caribou stole the Boss Snails for the signal not to be transported at Udon.

Raizo steals all the keys to free all prisoners including Luffy. Big Mom grabs the Queen’s red bean soup pot only to find that it is already been finished. Luffy, who actually finished the pot made a foolish mistake of saying it out loud.

Big Mom starts attacking Luffy. If Luffy steps out of the ring he will be dead due to the collar around his neck. Luffy asks Big Mom to wait but Big Mom doesn’t recognize him. Luffy powers up and uses his Haki to destroy the collar around his neck along with Hyogoro.

One Piece 946: Preview

This is all we know about the new episode. We will get back to you with more updates and spoilers about the One Piece Episode 946. Till then stay tuned on Omnitos. Check out the latest article on Solo Leveling.

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