One Piece Episode 967: Release Date, Spoliers, Roger to go Raftel

“The Bet of a Lifetime! Roger’s Adventure!”. One Piece Episode 967 preview trailer shows Oden joining the Roger Pirates on a mission to find the One Piece. Roger, Shanks, Buggy, Oden, and the others reach Skypiea, Water 7, and even Fishman Island and we get to see the characters that the Straw Hats crew have already interacted with them in the current timeline.


One Piece Episode 967: Preview

Oden is up for a big crazy adventure along with Roger and some other jolly crewmates. In order to find the treasure deep at sea, Oden will decipher the code that has the secret of this world. Now it will take them to the farthest land Ponegliffs hint at. The Roger Pirates are quite excited and ready to advance towards the same.

One Piece Episode 967 will feature their journey through some of the mysterious islands to reach the farthest land. They will explore Skypiea, Water 7, and even Fishman Island in the next week’s episode of the anime series.

On Fishman Island, they will also meet Lady Shyarly as a child. On Water 7, the pirate crew will meet Tom. He is the one who built Roger’s ship. Along with all that, the fans can expect to see a lot more adventures in it.

One Piece Episode 966: Recap

Roger and Whitebeard blast has shaken the entire island. They both jump back and draws back their weapons.

Whitebeard bangs his sword with the grounds and comments that it has been long. Roger asks how long it has been Newgate, and Whitebeard laughs. Marco, Fossa, Vista, Jozu, Rakuyo, White Bay, and Teeth were ready to clash.

Those are magnificent seven combined from the Whitebear Pirates groups. Rayleigh, Nozudon, Sambel, Shanks, Gaban, and Buggy are from the Roger Pirates group.

One Piece Episode 967: Release Date

The Episode 967 release date is set as Sunday, March 28th as per the official anime sources. The latest One Piece episode will air at 9:30 am in local Japanese time. Fans can stream One Piece Episode 967 online or watch it on TV from the following official anime platforms.

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One Piece Episode 967: Spoiler

Ganfall helped Roger and his crew leave Skypiea  It’s there that Roger finds out that there is a red stone (ponyglph) in Zou but Big Mom already took that one. In water seven Roger meets up with Tom and they talk about the sea train which hasn’t been finished yet.

Apparently, it has been prophesied that soon the gate of Fishman island would be broken right around the time they showed up. However, it turns out to be the doing of a Sea King and Neptune has to accept it really wasn’t Roger’s group.

Neptune thinks that perhaps if the tale of a fishman with the ability to talk to sea kings is born then perhaps. Roger figures out what he means, that his daughter is the weapon the Polyglph speaks of. She won’t be born for another ten years but Neptune still thinks this is a fairy tale.

He knows if he stays behind that it’s likely he’ll never take to the sea again. (Everyone calls him a bum for this, including Roger who he yells at for asking him to come along in the first place, lol.)It’s 4 years later that they arrive at Zou and Oden has a strange feeling upon arrival.

The world hears of Roger’s round-the-world voyage and discovery of an unheard-of island. He gets many names “Conqueror of the Seas” “King of the seas” and finally the one that stuck.

“Pirate King.” Oden writes about how they learned everything –the ancient weapons, the meaning of the blank century, the truth behind the D clan…but even with the treasures he sought before him Roger simply laughed. As did everyone on his ship.

Roger laughs at the treasure Joy Boy left behind and calls it a hilarious story. He then says he’s thought of a name for the island that no one has been on in more than 800 years –a truly laughable story.

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