One Piece Stampede Movie

The 14th anime film is on the way for One Piece, and the story will be honoring the anime adaptation’s 20th anniversary. Yes, One Piece will be delivering a distinctive new film, and Toei Animation officially showed us an initial look at it with a brand-new poster and teaser trailer. One Piece Stampede is the name of this movie which is releasing next year.

One Piece Stampede is set to be released on August 9, 2019.

Over on Youtube, A new clip was released by the anime’s team and It turns out the reel is announcing the release of One Piece’s latest film. It was previously announced at the end of Special Episode Skypiea that a brand-new One Piece movie will be released in 2019.

One thing appears to be indicated in the key visual, that is a metal creature with huge legs and arms and this huge figure probably smashing Luffy. I do believe that in this film, Monkey D Luffy will be severely beaten and pounded around, as indicated in the first poster of the film.

One Piece Stampede

The official Twitter page for the movie also teases that there is a profound meaning to its “Stampede” subtitle, “One Piece Stampede is the title! Stampede is an expression meaning rushing or running away. As a movie made to honor the anime’s 20th anniversary, it will fire up the Summer of 2019. It’s too sad there’s no decent teaser yet, but I suppose it’s too early. It doesn’t seem like it will be linked to Rocks. The poster makes me believe of Kidd’s power, but I suspect he’ll be involved. Either way, it seems more gritty than usual One Piece films posters.

One Piece Stampede preview only displays a flashback of what occurred since the anime began, I’m eager to see what this film will be about judging they showed the emotional scenes for each Straw Hat Pirates. I guess that we will be getting further of it once the official trailer is issued.

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