One Punch Man Chapter 140, Is Saitama Back in the Game? Release Date, Read

The previous chapter is really interesting with a lot of informative content. We are here to see the blast in the present time. But, the crazy thing here is standing in front of Saitama, who claims to be No 1 Hero. Though, It is unclear whether the blast is inferior or superior to Saitama. Here in this article, we will discuss who One Punch Man Chapter 140.

Saitama finally shows himself after a long time. Now, the Blast sent them to the surface they can regroup with others. But, what’s next? are there more monsters to deal with a new threat that might need Saitama’s assistance. Read this till the end, then you will find out everything. Without wasting our time, let’s jump in.


Release Date of One Punch Man Chapter 140

One Punch Man chapter 140

This anime is really mysterious when it comes to release dates, it is very unpredictable. Also, they will never reveal even in the previous chapter. Murata Sensei might be busy, which is why unable to confirm a release date. As of now, there is no information about the upcoming chapter 140.

Every time, Murata Sensei will confirm the release date before releasing the latest chapter of this anime. But, this time we are not sure about what happened. Anyway, stay tuned for the latest updates.

One Punch Man Chapter 140 Spoilers

There are no many spoilers out yet. Seems to be, it will take some time. While there are a lot of rumors and predictions online. Sources suggest that Cadres will arrive to put pressure on heroes. This might be the coolest thing to happen as it would give Saitama a reason to fight seriously. We know that he is on the surface, we might see him a bit more.

Where you can read this OnePunchman Manga

This anime is always best to read on Viz Media.  This is one of the best online manga reading platforms, which brings all the manga that one wants. While the best part in this website is that all the chapters are free to read.

Check Out What Happened in Previous Episodes

One Punch Man

This chapter has everyone in awe as we get the 2 most hyped superhumans to stand near each other. While the blast finally introduced Saitama as the Number 1 Hero. Though it is already hinted in the past that Blast is the number 1 hero. But, fans never know that time would come where the Blast meets Saitama to save him.

Saitama Flashy Flash and Manako hear a sudden voice in the dark asking if they would like to attain power. This is when Blast interferes and explains that they can hear the voice due to interactions with the cube. But, Flashy Flash doesn’t believe him and tends to attack him after being the Number 1 hero.

Blast vows to meet Saitama soon and opens a portal for them to go back to the surface. Tatsumaki asserts dominance but plunging the energy spear into the monster like it’s nothing.

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