One Punch Man Chapter 157

Without a question, One Punch Man is one of the most popular ongoing manga series of all time. The recent chapter contained some fantastic action, which drew in the audience. And now, what will happen next? And, maybe most importantly, when is the One Punch Man Chapter 157 scheduled to be released? Or where can you get it legally? Don’t worry; if you stay to the article, you’ll understand all you need to know:-


One Punch Man Chapter 157

Platinum Sperm vs. Flashy Flash vs. Garou God Form was the subject of the previous chapter’s combat. Flash, on the other hand, is surprised that the other can keep up with his pace. Without a question, the previous chapter of One Punch Man was great. The chapter was filled with action, and the notion of speed astounded viewers. Blasty, a hero that appears to be quite speedy, was also featured in this chapter.

This manga is a beautiful and thrilling masterpiece written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. Not to mention that One Punch Man is testing the patience of the viewers with almost a month-long gap. The previously featured action between characters made fans super eager to know more about OPM Chapter 157. What is the release date of chapter 157 of One Punch Man? Let’s find out:-

One Punch Man Chapter 157 Release Date

What is the release date of One Punch Man Chapter 157?

According to our sources, mostly, the new chapters are released on the first Saturday of the month or the last Saturday of the month. So, with this calculation, we can assume that this One Punch Man Chapter 157 gonna released on either January 30, 2024, or February 10, 2024, keeping the previous two chapters in mind.

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Again there is an irregularity between the release date of two chapters in this manga and Murata drops the latest OPM issues randomly. So far, we have the news that whenever he completes the chapter he will soon release that on Twitter. We can conclude that unless someone glimpses the post of him, till then the release date is unknown.

One Punch Man Chapter 157 Leaks and Spoilers

We’ll obtain the leaks and spoilers as soon as the raw scans are accessible on the internet. We recommend waiting patiently and legally reading the manga from the official website. Stay tuned to Omnitos for more information on One Punch Man Manga Chapter 157.

Where To Read OPM 157?

Here are some of the official sources where you can read this manga Viz media,  Shonen Jump. Before watching the latest episode also know what happened in the previous episode. Because there is no regularity in the release date.