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The number of casino fans is only growing every year. Many lucky people visit Monaco, Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo. By the way, the average “traffic” of players in Las Vegas alone exceeds 40 million annually. Others settle for casino online Australia real money and other Internet gambling clubs.

Of course, the pandemic has made adjustments to the gambling industry. Most gamblers are forced to entertain themselves online, and for many, a trip to Monaco or Las Vegas will never be affordable. They make up the lion’s share of players at numerous online casinos, to which neither borders nor domestic bans are an obstacle.


Everything Everyone Knows About Casinos

Everything Everyone Knows About Casinos

The beauty of “land” clubs in a unique gambling atmosphere, which even the greatest online casino Australia real money isn’t yet able to convey.

Here are always ornate halls, dimly lit poker or roulette tables, flickering lights of the slots, and the incessant ringing of coins.

Cards and roulette are played here, and on every vacant spot and in specially allocated halls, there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of slots.

There are exciting shows with the stars and famous boxing matches, players are provided with expensive hotel rooms and free drinks.

There are no windows in the casinos, so the visitor gets lost in the time of day and plays longer. But few people remember that the very name of casinos comes from the Italian “Casa” or “House”, and long before roulette and most card games, which are the symbols of an online casino Australia real money and other modern casinos. Here are a few more interesting facts from the world of gambling.

What Most People Don’t Know About Casinos

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Some of the most famous players were Napoleon Bonaparte and Henry VIII. The former emperor spent almost all his time playing blackjack during the last years of his life. And the English king once managed to blow the St. Paul’s bell at dice.

An unexpected result in determining the most reckless nation was shown in the 2003 study. The most reckless frequenters of gambling establishments were Australians.

One of the names of the roulette at offline gambling clubs and an online casino Australia real money is the “Ferris wheel”. This is because the sum of the numbers on it is clearly equal to 666, the so-called “number of the beast.”

The largest recognized American casino located in Connecticut, is called Foxwoods Resort. On an area of 18,000 square meters, the owners managed to place a lot of entertainment. There are almost 4,000 slots inside.

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And the casino is fully working the magic of numbers. This applies to both individual games and their variations, as well as the institutions as a whole. Here are just a few facts about the cards:

  • 52 playing cards represent the number of weeks in a year;
  • A “big” deck produces about 2.5 million five-card combinations;
  • Adding up the values of all the cards in the deck, we get the number of days in a year (364), and if we add a joker, we get a leap year;
  • 13 cards of each suit – the number of lunar phases of a full cycle – and you can go on.

The casinos treat famous players in every way, giving them small gifts, like luxury wine, a deluxe room, or tickets to their shows. It’s all to keep them coming back again and keep playing.

Various bonuses, like a welcome package or a loyalty program, also exist in the online segment. To the same end, there are no straightforward aisles in the casino, and in every convenient place, slots are placed, begging for bets. And this is quite justified because slots bring the lion’s share of the profit.