2024 is set to be a huge year for the online casino industry. Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic with a renewed purpose, companies are prioritizing innovation to create exciting new features that players will love. Among these features, players can expect a range of thrilling casino bonuses, a variety of games and enticing deposit options.

Whether you’re playing at the best online casino Canada offers, or elsewhere in the world, you’ll love these intriguing predictions. With the impending introduction of a wide variety of casino bonuses, along with a broad range of games to choose from, the future is looking bright. Read on to discover how VR, AI and esports are set to bolster the sector.


Virtual reality


The virtual reality sector is advancing quickly and so far in 2024, we’ve seen the industry make giant leaps forward in innovation. Apple’s recently announced Vision headset makes this point perfectly – mapping the way for how virtual reality technology will become more intertwined in our day-to-day lives.

Online casinos are set to incorporate a wide range of virtual reality technology into their experiences. Some steps have been taken in this area but the use of VR in the sector is still incredibly limited and glitchy. Notably, these casinos are also introducing a variety of enticing deposit options and casino bonuses. We expect this to start taking effect towards the end of the year.

Virtual reality will allow players to immerse themselves more fully in their online gambling journey. As a result, the experiences will feel more realistic and more enjoyable for users. We expect players to feel more and more like they’re in a real casino, despite actually being in the comfort of their own home.

VR will become an increasingly significant part of online casino gambling over time, with the potential for players to see each other, and their dealers, in real time in the near future.

Facial and retina recognition

If, as we predict, future VR integration allows players to see each other, it’ll become more important than ever for betting companies to have strong privacy and security measures in place. Customers prioritizing these measures will become increasingly prominent and powerful, and those brands that don’t take action may lose out to competitors.

Players need to know that their money, avatars and private details are safely locked away from prying eyes. They need to have faith that if someone else were to use or steal their virtual reality headset, they’d be prevented access. Online casinos will need to use facial or retina recognition software in their VR experiences, and we expect to see these features being developed throughout the rest of 2024.

Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence has dominated the media cycle so far in 2024. This smart technology is being noticed because of its unique ability to learn about an individual user’s preferences, which it can use to create a more personalized experience. This could change which games you’re shown, how games are played, and the promotions and bonuses you receive.

AI-assisted graphics have made games more realistic in recent years too, so we expect to see this develop further in 2024. AI-driven digital environments are proving to be a real competitor to brick-and-mortar casinos, leading a whole new audience into the online gambling arena and generating more opportunities for innovation as a result.



Expect to see lots more esport betting opportunities emerging onto the scene in 2024. Increasingly popular in recent years, esports involve two or more hardcore gamers battling it out. You can watch these games in real time and put a wager on who you expect to win. It’s a fun experience that’s especially popular with younger players.

There are racing games, combat games and roleplay games that you can bet on today, and we’ll no doubt see even more of these types of games join casino platforms over the coming months.

When Covid-19 started, every industry across the globe – including the casino industry – had to adapt quickly. People weren’t allowed to attend brick-and-mortar casinos, which led to a lot of innovation in the online gambling market. As an evolution born out of necessity, far fewer people visit physical buildings these days – meaning that there needs to be further growth in online casino spaces.



The online casino industry has embraced cryptocurrency more than most other sectors and we predict this will advance further in 2024. Many online casinos accept cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and more will adopt these payment methods in the coming months and years.

The main development we expect to see in 2024 is more casinos offering players big incentives for using cryptocurrencies. Some already do, but an ever-growing number of them will offer free spins and cash to those who opt to use cryptocurrency instead of traditional money.

There’s also an expectation that more types of cryptocurrency will be introduced at online casinos, allowing more players to join using their currency of preference. Lawmakers and enforcers are proving to be a little slow when it comes to safely regulating crypto casinos, but we expect this to change soon, with more rules being brought in to protect players.

Smartwatch apps


With around 113 million smartwatches being sold every year, it’s no wonder that this is an area being explored by online casinos. Once thought unthinkable, you can now send and receive texts, browse the web and answer calls via your wristwatch.

Online casino brands are expected to move into this growing market, offering new apps that will provide notifications and potentially even allow for gameplay on the device itself. This will increase the number of locations and devices from which a user can place a bet.

Smartwatch casino experiences are unlikely to overtake mobile and web use, however, due to the small size of the screen and limited hardware and software capabilities of the devices.

Live events

When the Covid-19 pandemic engulfed the world, casinos everywhere were forced to shut their doors for months on end. Enter live dealer games. These games are expected to become more regularly produced and more prominently featured on casino sites as many people continue to enjoy online versions of live games.

Social features

One thing that’s lacking in many online casinos is the ability to chat properly with other players. Those sites that do have these features tend only to have very basic text chat opportunities. Throughout 2024, more online casinos will prioritize social features and make these better than ever.

Expect to see text chat options with emojis and stickers, and perhaps even the chance to interact with other players over audio or video. This will add an extra level of fun and allow people to start building communities.