Gambling has been a very popular game pass time for quite a while, and thanks to the last couple of years, with everyone being inside and with the very fast advancement of online technology, casinos have taken to being mostly online.

While online casino games have the same rules as a brick-and-mortar casino for the most part, things are not entirely the same. The online gambling world has its own unique risks, and therefore also has its own rules as well.

So, what are these rules of play? What do you need to know? Stick around and find out.


Always Do Your Homework


One of the first and most important rules of online casinos is that you need to always do your homework. Many people will jump immediately into the online gaming world without having any clear idea of what they are actually doing.

This is actually the ideal way to bump up the house edge with your losses. A smart gambler will do their homework on the games and how the casino works before they dive in. Be it for blackjack, poker, slots, you need to learn the rules before you start playing.

You need to revise the betting options, know the strategies for the games, and understand any handy tips which might help to give you the upper hand against the house edge when you get playing.

Always do your homework and your research before you jump into playing.

Know Your Bets & Odds

The house always has the edge in the game, everyone knows this. However, the house edge will vary depending on the game, and the bets. So, it certainly pays for you to know the odds before you get gaming.

There are some games which are played by chance, roulette, is one of these, and it can carry worse odds than a game which is based around strategy and skills, such as poker or blackjack.

Some bets will also have worse odds for you, so it is well worth the time to do the research on what the odds are for the game you are playing and the games you want to play on the sites you are considering playing on.

Slow Play Is A Winner’s Game


The quicker you play your games, the more money you lose, and the less likely you are to realize just how much you are losing.

Online casinos are well aware of this, and so many sites are designed for you to want to play quicker, which brings them money while you end up losing money.

You should always count to 10, take a break, or make yourself a cup of coffee, or a snack between each hand you play. If you can do something to slow yourself down and stop yourself from playing too much too fast, thus losing more money.

Granted, this does not actually affect the house edge in any way, but it does limit how much you lose, and it helps you have more control over your game and how you play.

Pick The Right Place To Play

Before you even get playing you need to make sure you are choosing the right places to play. It can be so easy for you to get swept up in all that casino glitz and glam, those marketing tricks can suck you in real fast.

You need to be vigilant, choose your gambling site carefully. Your perfect site will be one which is better suited to you.

If you enjoy playing slots, you want to pick a site that is rife with great slot games, and has a roster of games jam-packed with progressive, special comps and rewards centered around the game of your choice.

Different casinos will have greater amounts of certain games, and each online casino will have different pros and cons.

Some might have amazing rewards and bonuses, but their customer service might have room for improvement, another might have great customer service but be lacking in the rewards department.

Consider what is important to you and choose wisely, remember, you will be spending money here. So, not just any old thing will do.

Make The Most Of The Free Games


Free games will be offered for many casinos. Not all casinos offer free games of course, but many do, and these games will be there to help you learn the ropes in games which you may not be familiar with.

You might wonder if blackjack is for you. Try it out in a free game, get a feel for it, and you will know if it is for you or not.

Make the most of these opportunities, it is best to start with these games as well as they can help you to learn the rules of the game, which is very important if you are choosing to experiment with strategy based games.

You could also look at YouTube videos or read guides, but nothing quite beats experiencing it for yourself and getting some real action knowledge.  They are there to help you learn, make advantage of this.

Enjoy Online Casino With Friends


Playing in an online casino is a form of bonding. As it is a form of entertainment, you can play many online casino games with your family and friends. Gambling should never be an alone play but shared and enjoyed with the people you know.

There are many interactive online casino games that you can play with friends. Some online casino games have multiplayer options and features best played with someone you know.  You can turn virtual gambling into a social activity.

Have fun!

Playing an online casino should never be a matter of life and death for you. It should never stress you out, always have fun and enjoy every game.

You need to be optimistic in every game as it will encourage positive vibes and aura that may affect your gameplay. Remember that you are playing to enjoy and have fun.