Running a business means you’re constantly thinking about the cost of overhead. Overhead is necessary business expenses that eat into your profits and there’s no bigger expense than your company’s office space. There are many essential ways to optimize your office space using elements like a two-person desk and other important features which promote productivity while making the best use of available space.

Whether you are moving into a new office or just reworking your current area for more efficiency, optimizing space is a great way to improve efficiency. Properly utilizing your available space can help foster collaboration and productivity while reducing stress and anxiety. Luckily, there are many little tips that can be used effectively to make this happen. You can improve the flow by changing the furniture, manipulating the lighting, and even utilizing ergonomics.

Here’s how you can optimize your company’s office space.


Ditch Old Uncomfortable Furniture


Optimizing your company’s office space helps to get rid of old uncomfortable furniture. A lot of older outdated furniture is not ergonomically sound. Besides being uncomfortable, the wrong furniture can unknowingly increase tension and anxiety among employees. It can also drive up healthcare costs down the road. A 40-hour work week equals about 2,000 hours per year. Spending that much time in the wrong chair can cause or improperly hunched over the wrong desk can cause significant health problems.

Create Collaboration Spaces


Utilizing furniture such as a two person desk frees up floor space and helps encourage collaboration. Employees of the same department can be paired together to share space and collaborate on different projects. There are many different designs for a two-person desk, they are not all just L-shaped. This gives you multiple options to ensure you utilize your floor space as needed and can incorporate your technology requirements.

Take note of wall outlets, routers, printers, and other necessary technology as you begin to redesign your space. Employees will need access to different areas and have various technical needs to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently. Be sure you allow room for the necessary equipment employees use to be productive. Printers, wall outlets, file cabinets, and drawers seem to be the most required essentials.

Include Open Space and Proper Lighting


Studies show that lighting affects mood, mental health, and productivity. It directly impacts employee performance. Take the time to note which areas of your office are brightest and darkest. Natural light has the most positive impact on mood and productivity. Consider purchasing lighting that imitates natural light for interior spaces.

Don’t be afraid to leave some open space. Clean lines and uncluttered space automatically relax employees and give them an opportunity to recharge their brain activity. There should be plenty of space to navigate safely and even enough to allow employees to conjugate and collaborate with people from other departments.

Optimize Your Office Space Today

Think about your current office space and try to optimize what you have for productivity. Get rid of uncomfortable furniture that could be doing more harm than good. Rearrange furniture so that there is plenty of clean open space and room for employees to conjugate. Incorporate as much natural lighting as possible to positively impact productivity. Consider incorporating a two-person desk or maybe a few of them to allow employees of the same department to collaborate effectively. Before you know it you’ll not only enjoy spending time at work but you’ll see productivity go through the roof.