Overgeared Chapter 107, Grind vs braham’s Golem reaches climax

overgeared chapter 107

If you are looking for something to read, then you should try Overgeared.  Overgeared is a great manhwa that gives you great action and adventure in a fantasy game world along with some comedy. This article will provide you with every possible information available for Overgeared Chapter 107 which will be released soon. So get ready and have a good read.

Overgeared is a Korean novel by Park Saenal. Silverbin and Haban adapted it into manhwa with the same name. Not convinced yet, lets hope this review might pull you into reading the story of Shin Youngwoo aka grind.

Now don’t worry if it’s Korean, we will show you the path to the English translation. Just follow us into this article.


Overgeared Chapter 106: Recap

Grid is fighting the golems, who are turning out to be a lot tougher than expected. grid even with his equipment and friends by his side still got backed into a corner. As the fight prolonged, the grind was on the verge of getting killed but Jishuka arrived at the right moment and saved him. Always being unlucky, getting saved at the last moment was pretty lucky for him.

Overgeared Chapter 107:

Release Date:

Overgeared Chapter 107 will release on 3rd December. A new chapter comes out Friday of every week. The time may vary for different time zones. In India, it is released around 10-11 AM. We will update this information if any changes in the release date happen.

Where to read/ Watch:

If you want to read manga, here is the link to one of the official sites: Overgeared manga  

Manga Spoilers:

Readers are in for a treat, as the great battle between grind and golems reaches its climax. These golems were sent by Brahman as the direct result of him getting double-crossed by the grind. Grid’s controversial and arrogant decision caused Jishuka to banish him from the guild, but she has since returned to his assist. And we can expect to see more of her in overgeared chapter 107.

This chapter has shown readers what brahman is capable of doing. And only gives a sneak peek of the amazing action that is to come in the upcoming chapters. It will also be compelling to read as to which territory will grind go after, as he is a master now.

Readers can also expect overgeared manga to reveal the origin of Brahman.

Overgeared: About

Overgeared manga is a story about Shin Youngwoo. The tale is based on a virtual reality game called Satisfy, which was created by one of the world’s most brilliant scientists. Our Shin dives into VR but has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites.

This all changes when Shin discovers the Northern End Cave while on a quest, and in that place, he finds ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and becomes a legendary class player.

Keep in touch as we will update this article as and when new information surfaces.

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